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  1. A

    dual booting

    hey guyz i installed fedora 14 over windows xp. now the thing is whenever i start the pc and dont press the esc key fedora is booted but by default i want windows to be loaded. is it possible?how.. thnx
  2. ╬Switch╬

    Keyboard ESC key sticking...

    I am having this problem since about a month now. Took me quiet a while to figure out the exact problem. Whats happening is that the ESC key is getting stuck and the most fascinating thing is that it persists even after I plugged my friends keyboard and also tried different operating systems...
  3. C

    how to reset the bios password

    guys! i need help and suggestions.... my aunt is using PEN3 with (20gb, 128+128 mb RAM, and TOMATO motherboard) the problem is that..when i went to make her computer...i found there is no CMOS battery in the board and no BIOS JUMPER too..!!!:( isnt this something....actually i wanted to reset...
  4. faraaz

    Virtual Box...problem installing Windows

    Hi, I've got VirtualBox set up on my computer fine, and I was trying to install WIndows XP Pro SP2 on it. Thing is, when the VM boots up and comes to the screen where the EULA is displayed, it asks me to press F8 if I agree or Esc if I dont. I press F8 but the machine doesn't recognize it only...
  5. prem4u

    Problem with Esc Button in Keyboard.

    I have a Dell 102Key keyboard. Due to some reason my Esc key is not working. i want to change this Esc key with another key. As i know there are some software through which this can be done. Can anyone tell me by which software and by which process. Or is there any other method to do this...
  6. The CyberShot

    A WInamp Cheatcode

    Did you know that even Winamp, the world's favorite player has some easter eggs. To invoke this easter egg, you need select the top block of Winamp and enter 'NUL' then press Esc then 'L' then Esc then 'soft' (Basically, you enter NULLSOFT and press ESC after the L's). If you do this correctly...
  7. P

    Tally 7.2 & XP

    Am using tally on my thinkpad (Windows XP SP2). Got 3 different version from different people. All cases the moment I press Esc key the softwares gets hanged. Prakash
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