1. B

    IEMs under 3K (for Electronic Music)

    I'm looking for iems with decent bass(not OP), non-recessed mids and treble that isn't harsh. I listen to techno,ambient,dreampop so mids are equally important as the thump. Currently considering Vsonic VSD3/S and Soundmagic E10C. Can you suggest the best one for my taste?
  2. stellar

    Merging Partition

    I have 500 gb HDD and i made 4 partition of 115 gb. But i Need 3 partition only. How can i delete one partition and allocate the free space to the other partition equally.
  3. R

    Why not in India?

    Ignore the trains. I'm talking about the stations' design and the cleanliness. Can you list 5 reasons why such railway stations aren't in India yet? What could be the problems faced in building such elegant structures? And more importantly, in MAINTAINING them in their inception stages? The...
  4. D

    2011 Academy awards

    So who's excited about this years Oscar Awards? I know i am. This year the nominees in the best picture category are way better than last year, when it was evident early on that The Hurt Locker would win...but this time its hard to pick a winner among all the equally good movies. Which movie...
  5. Kishal

    which stream to take after 10th

    hi guys. I'm really confused on what subjects to take up in class XI. I wanna primarily go for PCM, but i'm equally interested in bio or CS or IP as the fourth subject.which one of these has the best scope . plz help me.....
  6. xbonez

    Which processor for my gaming build?

    I am planning to put together a gaming PC and I was all ready with the config etc. I had decided on an intel i7 920, and now all of a sudden I'm seeing reviews of AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2GHz performing equally well, or even better in some cases. Also, both processors apparently OC...
  7. R

    Which laptop: Compaq or Dell

    Hello, I am about to buy a laptop. Budget is around 38k. Initially I thought that Dell Inspiron 1545 is a good choice. But the similar config from Compaq is coming a bit cheaper (~1k). I can't tell the difference and they are almost equally trusted brands. What do you suggest guys...
  8. C

    Suggestion required

    Hello All, I have been using Sony Ericsson W580i since an year and am not at all happy about the keypad design of the same. During the warranty period itself the keys cracked twice and I got them replaced. Planning to throw away that and buy a new phone for myself. Please suggest something...
  9. amitabhishek

    HTC touch dilemma

    I am planning to buy a HTC touch for my cousin however I really doubt the capability of the IE mobile on it. Did some Googling but wasn't too convinced. Is it capable of rendering only WAP 2.0/xHTML pages or it is equally good at rendering full HTML pages. Anyone with a first hand experience...
  10. R

    101 financial tips

    I came across this site while browsing: These tips are mainly intended for Americans, but they are equally valid for Indians also. http://www.bankruptcyreader.com/2006/11/101_financial_t.html
  11. maharajadhiraj

    LG 4410 VS 6600/6630

    well whch 1 shud i choose? both look equally nice... btw what are their prices in calcutta?
  12. R

    15" Samsung Samtron 55v monitor image distortion.

    Monitor is showing distorted image as like when you see a texture with text warped around a cylinder. For example if it were to display equally spaced vertical lines, the image would look like this; || | | | | | | | | | | || || | | | | | |...
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