1. Flashbang

    Emulate cd-r

    Please suggest a software to emulate Blank CD-R in PC because I want to get some movies from my handycam and it burns the movies only on CD-R, not even RW or directly on pc.
  2. I

    Fake webcam

    How do I play videos on my IM like Yahoo Messenger? Is there a Fake Webcam software available for that, to emulate a webcam? Any freewares available?
  3. bharat_r

    8085 Microprocessor kit emulator?

    I'm havin Microprocessor lab at college. Is there any software than can emulate that kit so that I can try out the programs at home itself? help!:)
  4. nishant_nms

    POP Sand of time with 3d analyser

    I am not able to play POP:SOT on my 845 with 3d analyser. I am not able to emulate MIN_STREAM_2 with it. plz help me out
  5. J

    USB <-> Serial cable

    Hi, What is price of USB <-> Serial converter cable in Delhi?? Does is comes with some drivers....to emulate serial port on the machine?? thanks
  6. K

    Hard Disk Imager and Emulator Wanted............

    Hey People Can you suggest me a software which can make HD images and emulate them??
  7. G

    Console Emulators For PC

    Well , check this out, it has emulators of almost all the major platform EDIT: You can emulate console games and play it on the PC. Link : Click here njoy ! :wink:
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