1. Desmond

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all my fellow Digitians. Posted via Mobile Device
  2. Skud

    Easter Bunny Bundle from Acronis

    Looks like the concept of bundle has really picked up. ;) Acronis is offering 7 high quality software in form of Easter Bunny Bundle with a HUGE discount thrown in. The software are:- Acronis True Image Home 2012 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO SPAMfighter Pro Photomizer 2...
  3. Zangetsu

    Post Google Easter Eggs here!!!

    Hello,:wave: Post the Google Easter eggs u know here... here is mine.. Google Njoy!
  4. coderunknown

    Happy Easter: 5 Ashampoo programs [GIVEAWAY]

    Ashampoo is offering 5 software on the occasion of Easter. link is given below. Ashampoo Giveaway Ashampoo® Anti-Malware 1.21 ---> just another anti-malware product. it is based on Avira's scan engine Luke Filewalker & detection is good. Ashampoo® Slideshow Studio Elements Ashampoo®...
  5. koolbluez

    15 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

    A digg... 15 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped is a collection of non-photoshopped pictures which actually look outta-place in real-life. [More] Easter egg for those visiting the post ;) Youtube funny: HOW MEN SCREW UP ROMANCE
  6. V

    An easter egg in GTA VC

    An easter egg in GTA VC:- 1: Go into the parking lot behind the Malibu club 2: Look at the sky scraper across the street,this is the building where the egg happens 3: This egg is best viewed across the river, so just cross the bridge to the north and run around to the fence so you can see...
  7. subratabera

    Free software Easter eggs

    It is grey a dull, overcast day here in downtown Amsterdam. The weather is rather oppressive, summer’s smile long gone and my wine cellar miraculously has grown to quiet emptiness. However, I know a not too-well guarded secret. Hidden in the cracks, just at the edge of your eyesight, is extra...
  8. Rockstar11

    Easter egg found in GigaSmilies

    Hey Guys! check this out... Kuch mil gaya! Open GigaSmilies v1.2., and then open "About" then just click on the area where i marked with a yellow oval, right next to "Keep Smiling" in the screenshot below... and there you go, an easter egg! i have informed us about this...
  9. ayush_chh

    utorrent easter egg

    hi guys!!! don't know if its already posted. There is an Easter Egg in Utorrent. open Utorrent-> goto help -> click About-> now press 't' and voila you will get a tetris game....... :):):) PS: if this Easter Egg has already been shared then mods r requested to delete this thread.
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Google Reader Easter Egg Found

    The Google Reader just got a huge update yesterday which is simply amazing. It took an entire day but someone finally found the Easter Egg that they implemented. Here is what you need to do if you want to see it: Open the Google Reader. Go to Settings->Goodies and drag the “Next” button...
  11. R

    Easter Egg Archive

    hi friends.. this section goes to Easter Egg of various Software.. any Easter Egg you know post it here... Here are some... Team Members - Windows 98 Plus 1.Go to the edit playlist dialog for any song. 2.Type "Microsoft Plus!98 Product Team" in for the artist 3.Type "Credits"...
  12. C

    Easterr Eggs

    Hello Digit Readers, I want to share with you a new easter egg in MS Word. What are Easter Eggs???? Easter Eggs are some hidden features of a software or some interesting bugs which are accidently found by the software users.Maybe they are actually made hidden by the software...
  13. D

    Y! Messenger easter eggs!

    :lol: Hi geeks! Can n e 1 tell me easter eggs for Yahoo Messenger 6.0, if they r available? Can I do something like shut down my friend's PC by pressing few keys? Looking for +ve replies Bye and have a good day (or nite)
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