1. G

    Balanced earphones for around ₹600-700. Suggestions?

    Hi forum members, I'm back after a long time. In 2016 I had purchased this Mi basic earphones for around ₹300. I bought 2 of them. Both of them got ruined after 1year with the left earbud sounding more than right earbud. Both had The same problem. I have Samsung in ear which are running for 6...
  2. H


    want to buy a nice earphone under Rs. 500(yes i know budget is a bit tight).. i shortlisted 2 of these from my initial research on internet: 1- SoundMagic ES-18 2- JBL TEMPO (earbud) Please help me in choosing between these two or if there are other better models availaibe within my...
  3. karthik55859

    where i can find ZUNE HD in india?

    hello every one, i finally decided to buy the zune hd platinum model[32gb]....but i cant able to find any one retailer in india selling that piece....plz give some suggestions regarding to this purchase of zune hd.... one more thing.... by the way...where can i find sony's Premium EX Earbud...
  4. T

    Problem with my creative ep 635

    i have ran into a problem with my creative ep 635 after about 3 months of use .. the left ear bud now has about 60 % volume of the right ear bud.. i cleaned my earphones and the sound went normal next day . my friend advised me to suck to earbud so that the speaker falls into place.. it worked...
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