1. tango_cash

    download accelerator not working with firefox. suggest a similar good dwnlod accelrtr

    hi i use win xp proff sp2 and firefox 2 and i have download accelerator plus 8. but it does not integrate with firefox, i mean when i right click on any object in firefox i dont get any option like "dwnlod with dap". and i have to use the default firefox downloader. i want a sftwr that is...
  2. tango_cash

    can i join two torrents which have same content?

    hi i am dwnloding a torrent which i has reached 99.6% but now there are no seeders and i am stuck. the same torrent is avalible on other sites and they have many seeders. 1. so is thee a way i can join the torrent of the other site with my 99.6% status?? 2. can i merge the new torrent with...
  3. tango_cash

    can some1 give fundas of torrent/peer/seeder/leecher/bitcomet/bitcomet tracker etc??

    hi can ne1 give some knowledge about torrent/peer/seeder/leecher/bitcomet/bitcomet tracker.also if i am dwnloding somethin from bitcomet should i allow it to be uploaded also or should i only download it.does uploading effect my downloading speed???i have 64 kbps connection.so the speed is...
  4. tango_cash

    what is "waking connection" in limewire????

    what is "waking connection" in limewire????(see the screen shot in the end) hi i have a 64kbps brodband connection it is a cable internet connection.i just have a lancard. and i use limewire to dwnlod stuff. since the speed is low i start the dwnlod and switch off the monitor. after some...
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