1. B

    Which will be the best camera Sony , Canon or Nikon , I Wanna buy One

    I want to buy a Digital Camera for my Father , i have heard that Nikon and Canon are the best in the class, with Sony catching up on a steady pace , recently Sony Launched it 700 Series of CyberShot Cameras , i am very much impressed by the price it is offering for the DSC W710 and DSC W730...
  2. savvy

    Comment on Sony DSC H100

    Can anyone give any review/comment on Sony DSC H100 ??? I also like to know if there is any better camera in this range .... Thank you in advance..
  3. A

    Point And shoot till 18.3K

    Guys i need to buy a camera under 18.3K (P&S),set this budget coz i have heard about Sony CyberShot DSC HX20V,i saw the reviews and quiet liked it. I just wanna know if there are any other P&S cameras which are better than Sony "CyberShot DSC HX20V" whithin the same budget. Thanks in advance
  4. C

    Camera problem - Sony DSC H20

    Hello I've weird issue with my Sony DSC H20 camera. My camera's display isn't working. I mean, when I start the camera and try to click pics, it shows pink background on screen. Previous images that were taken are visible properly. The issue was caused overnight, the camera wasn't...
  5. M

    Buying Sony WX9 in USA ?

    hi friends, am from chennai, i planned to buy digital camera so i prefered Sony DSC WX-7 but i found the next versoin of it with little advance features, so i thought to buy Sony DSC WX9 in amazon it costs nearly 200$ though it is not available in indian market. my friend is...
  6. A

    Setting Date & time in SONY DSC H70

    I got sony DSC H70 I wish to set date and timing for each image I shoot.How I can do that ..Pls help thanks
  7. Y

    Nikon L120 vs Sony DSC HX1

    hii I have a buy a point and shoot camera and my budget is upto 20000. I have chosen two cameras one is Nikon L120 and the other is Sony DSC HX1, but i am confused between the two that which one should i buy. I am concerned about the flash of L120, its flash doesn't opens up automaticlly...
  8. M

    Using DigiCam as WebCam?

    Can I use my Sony DSC W50 DigiCam as WebCam for chatting purposes? If so, how? Please help....
  9. B

    camera in 12k range

    Want to buy a camera in 10-12k range. Have seen the Nikon Coolpix S4000 and Sony Cybershot DSC W320. Which one will be a better pick? Please help. Any other suggestions?
  10. vaibhav_jain

    Need Digital Camera

    :-Phey guys provide me the reviews of digital camera my budget is Rs.15K. I Find Canon SX110IS, Canon SX100IS, Sony DSC H-10 interesting. Which of these is better?:rolleyes:
  11. zegulas

    Sony Cybershot DSC W5 as a webcam.

    My friend has the Sony Cybershot DSC W5, he wants to use it as a webcam, what is the procedure?
  12. abhineet

    planning to buy digi cam, HELP Needed??

    Hi guys , I live in Delhi and i am planning to buy a digital camera preferably the "SONY DSC H10".The other productss that i am considering are the "Sony DSC H3" and the "Canon Powershot SX100". I am more inclined towards the "DSC H10" considering its larger LCD display and screen resolution...
  13. Angad singh


    Hey guys i am looking for a good camera... i am nt a professional photographer just learning it..... so couldnt go for DSLR which would also be out of my budget so i have shortlisted four models 1.SONY DSC H5 2.SONY DSC H7 3.SONY DSC H9 4.CANON powershot S5IS which one should i go for..... a...
  14. J

    sony cybershot dsc t3

    hello there I have a sony cybershot DSC t 3 camera and have been using it for the past three years. Just two days back the lcd went blank.I tried the reset button but nothing happened. I did google and searched for some firmware update but I didnt feel lucky enough! Kindly suggest if there are...
  15. H

    Help Help Help !!!

    I am a newbie to the DSC W-35 from sony. Please help me resolve these:- 1.Play A VEDIO file in my dsc. 2.Reduce red eye 3.DPOF
  16. S

    Forget Digicam, suggest HandyCam

    I want oto buy a Digital Camera. Budget 12K. I have so far selected Sony DSC S40, silver best buy in digit. Any more suggestions??
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