1. Krow

    FOSS Donation List

    I always wanted to donate to different FOSS (Free and Open Source) projects, but never could for some reason or the other. In this thread I will list some projects I have been using a lot and mark an amount for donation. I will donate as and when I have the resources. My donations may seem...
  2. vamsi_krishna

    Alphafunding and Help Indie Developers thread

    Inspired by the FOSS Donation List, this thread has been created to encourage gamers to invest in Alphafunding and help upcoming Indie developers to get funds to deliver their awesome games. Feel free to suggest any Indie project that needs Alphafunding and donation. Also post your...
  3. Faun

    Relief Efforts

    Starting a thread so that we can contribute to the victims of natural disasters and maladies around the world. Though we all share a common thread of humanity and solidarity but still a little amount of donation can help much :smile: Donated to Japanese Red Cross society via google checkout.
  4. A_n_k_i_t

    Use Bing to donate $3 for good cause!!

    Bing : an alternative to google for most of the people(almost!!) have come to with a new strategy or really becoming a good samaritian by donating $3 eveytime you use their search engine. A page that will add Bing as a search provider in Firefox and IE (though the whole donation process will...
  5. Ricky

    Who is funding these guys .. Really innovative ?

    I lately found this.. Now I am really thinking that who the hell is funding them , is that FireFox community got surplus of donation that they are now using it this way ? Any comment !! Its really bugin me
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