1. Faun

    Health and Fitness Thread V1: 100% Adrenaline

    So i was thinking of creating a thread where I wanted to share my experience and encourage others to do the same for the lulz. I never actually though of joining gym but then to keep myself busy and to forget someone...lol. But then it is one of the best thing ever happened to me (except the...
  2. R

    sudden dip in FPS

    hello everyone, my specs are core2duo e7200 abit ip35E 2GB DDR2 corsair 800mhz ram 500W coolermaster powersupply zebronics b2 cabinet sapphire 4850 all running in stock........... now the problem is when playn games like fallout 3 and cod world at war the fps suddenly dips from 90 to 19...
  3. trublu

    Laptop Battery Query

    I purchased an IBM R-52 laptop a year ago. Nowadays,whenever i run it on the battery,the battery level decreases upto 60-70% and then suddenly dips to 4%.Do I need to purchase a new battery? What would be the approx. price of a new battery?
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