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  1. gameranand

    Overheating + A strange problem with CPU

    Guys I am having a strange problem. First of all my CPU temperatures are too high. CPU Die Temp - 88+ C Also my CPU Intel E4400 2.0GHz and its processing at 1.20GHz. And there are no option in my BIOS to correct that. My Mobo is Intel DG965RY My OS use to give 4.5-5.0 rating to my CPU...
  2. gameranand

    Confuring Raid 0 with two HDD

    Friends I want to buy a new harddrive WD 2 TB and my previous one is Hitachi or Segate (not sure). I want to configure them in Raid 0. I use Windows 7. My motherboard is Intel DG965RY. Please give step by step instructions on how to do that coz I don't know about Raid at all. Is there any...
  3. N

    How to identify whether graphics card supports wide screen resolutions

    Hi I am planning to buy a 19 inch widescreen monitor. I am going in for Viewsonic VA1912W. My present pc config is C2d E6300 1G RAM Intel DG965RY mobo and an old LG 14 inch CRT. I have a doubt that if i buy this or any widescreen monitor my config will not support the 1440x900...
  4. N

    Intel Mobo. DG965RY

    Hello, I am willing to sell my intel motherboard DG965RY purchased in dec'2006 with rest of warranty remng out of 3yrs with bill. Interested persons can contact to me at this no. 9819117467 or mail me at nishant872@gmail.com. I am from Mumbai,Price arnd 2.5k negotiable to a certain...
  5. N

    intel DG965RY mobo. for sale

    hello to all i am willing to sell my intel DG965RY mobo purchased in Dec'06 so for nw 2 yrs of warrttny is remng and body willing to buy can contact me M-9819117467 nishant872@yahoo.com BUT LISTEN IT WILL TAKE 10-15 DAYS FOR ME TO HANDOVER TO THE BUYER SO WE CAN FREEZE THE...
  6. L

    G965 or nvidia 6150 ?buying it today

    Hello buying it today..which onbaord soln is better ? AMD 690G is not available... C2D 4300 + DG965RY or AMD 4400 + ASUS M2N-PVM which one should i buy ? Thanks
  7. R

    FEAR Intel DG965RY Motherboard

    I have Intel DG965RY Motherboard with 1.8 Core2Duo Processor. Have 1 GB of Ram.. When I play FEAR it does not cross the First level and automatically the application gets closed at a particular place.. Can anyone help me out this problem
  8. P

    Any difference between DG965RY and DG965RYCK?????

    hi......... can anybody please tell me the difference between DG965RY and DG965RYCK??? both are Intel original boards based on G965 chipsets.......... Intel website mentions only DG965RY and has no mention of DG965RYCK...... and in Bangalore i can only find DG965RYCK and not the...
  9. B

    CPU upgrade

    I have Intel DG965RY mobo, P4 3.00GHz HT(2MB L2 ) & 1 GB RAM (533MHz DDR2).I want to upgrade my processor.Which one is the BEST out there?
  10. soumya

    Which motherboard should i opt for my core 2 duo 6600?

    I am quite confused. i guess ASUS P5B, Intel DG965RY and MSI 965 neo are quite good. What do you guys suggest?
  11. varkey

    How much will this C2D system cost??

    I have decided to purchase a Core 2 Duo based machine. Here are the specs Intel E6300 Intel DG965RY M/B 250 or 300 GB SATA 1x1 GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM - will upgrade to 2 GB later Samsung 17" LCD 740N - Is this good enuf?? for browsing, watching movies, casual gaming 400 PSU - Please recommend a...
  12. H

    want to buy core2duo with 965motherboard!!

    i stay in mumbai and i want to buy a motherboard,processar and ram. i am aiming at PROCESSER: "core2duo" 3Ghz ( partricularly above 2.4Ghz) MOTHERBOARD: in MEDIA series DG965OT, DG965MQ, DG965WH, DG965RY RAM: DDRII 512MB (is 667Mhz or 800Mhz...
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