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  1. Y

    is mi piston 3 for bass lover?

    Hi guys I need a new iem under 1k. I am a bass lover.1 year back digit members suggested me to get denon ah-260 and I liked it. Now I need something new. so should I get piston 3 for bass?
  2. Jay1234

    Please help its urgent Soundmagic es 18 or Denon AH C260

    Its urgent cos I am going to Nainital tomorrow so want earphones so that I can listen music while travelling I have been using Soundmagic Es 18 for like 6 months but yesterday my maid washed my jeans and earphones were in my pocket so they ain't working... I want new pair of earphones should I...
  3. P

    Buying a wireless Headphone at 2k

    I m looking for a Supra-aural wireless Headphone around at Rs.2000.I prefer good sound quality & ease of use & would like to use with Laptop as well as with my mobile phone.I know that Brands like Senneheiser start at 4k & I don't have that budget.I do like wireless because of the comfort it...
  4. S

    Sennheiser HD 203 vs Denon AH-D310 vs Any Other

    Hey everyone I was looking forward to buy a new set of headphones for general music listening and gaming purposes. I was looking at this Sennheiser one initially. Sennheiser HD 203 Headphone - Sennheiser: Flipkart.com Then our fellow member RCuber suggested me this Denon one. Denon AH-D310...
  5. J

    KEF speakers

    hi, Kindly suggest me KEF speakers (centre and surround) for Denon 1713 and KEF Q300. Thanks
  6. M

    Denon M39:

    I am planning to buy Denon M39 Mini Hifi system.. Do guyz help me out to find the right dealer in chennai!!!!!! How much does it cost in India? Plz share.
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