1. iinfi

    doomsday coming .... yet another thread??

    this is not a news .. this a jus a article on what a defence expert had to say.... btw lemme tell you a friend of mine who has immense interest in economics, looking into the blue autumn sky sometime in 2004-05, said "the world economy is going through a rough patch. US and Europe mite see a...
  2. F

    Is It Enough using Kaspersky 2009

    I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. Is it enough for my BSNL BB Connection on my Vista Toshiba Laptop? or shall i use Comodo or any other firewall or antispyware or any security for additional defence? If I use... Any conflicts will arise? What to do with windows firewall? switch off or...
  3. codred

    Hacked: Email inboxes of Indian missions in US and China; NDA, DRDO officials too

    Taking a dig at cyber security preparedness levels, a hacker, who claims to be based in Sweden, posted online this evening the passwords of 100 email accounts of embassies and government offices across the world, including 13 Indian accounts, containing classified information and correspondence...
  4. Yamaraj

    'India could revert to pre-1947 state'

    Source: - Without an influence over 40% of her own lands, what kind of a superpower India is going to be?
  5. Aberforth

    Nuclear India or Nuke Free India?

    Taking a walk down my block I came across some Greenpeace activists who loaded me with pamphlets and asked me to join it. I came home and read the pamphlets and came across the WMD section where greenpeace is campaigning about India's WMDs aka Nuclear Weapons. They think India should...
  6. Manshahia

    Indian Defence Land to get Digitised

    The Indian Defence Ministry has launched a software application called "Raksha Bhoomi", to help digitise the entire land records of the defence forces, measuring almost 17 Lakh acres. The Entire digitisation of the Land records has been planned over two phases. The process is expected to cost...
  7. go4saket

    What is Smart Defence in Zone Alarm Pro 6???

    Hello Friends! I am using Zone Alarm Pro 6 with Windows XP SP2. The problem is that every time I try to open any software, Zone Alarm gives me some or the other kind of warning. I feel it is some thing related to the Smart Defence feature in it. Can anyone please tell me what is this...
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