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  1. Nanducob

    A Place You Fantasize About

    Or a place you would like to go.Can be a real place like Switzerland or fictional place from Movies/Video Games.thanks. I want to be in the 'Danger Canyon' map in Halo:blush:
  2. JohnephSi

    bsnl.co.in not opening

    hy guys bsnl.co.in is not opening asking for authorization.i used siemens c2110. i used admin as password and username but it isnt working at all..iam in danger now...please help me
  3. C


    Need a software for school work.. It shld give me heavy english words for simple english words.. For example.. If I type danger (simple word) it shld give me jeopardy which means danger only but is heavy english word.. Any software like that?
  4. 24online

    Orkut is becoming danger

    Orkut is becoming danger orkut has just opened topics search option.. so now all information whether legal or illegal r open to world.... all know there r many piracy based groups.. so ppl easily find warez, softs, movies, porn etc... from it...also ppl use very rough-untolerable language in...
  5. K

    danger zone for AMD Athlon64 2800+ (temperature) ?

    hi guys i have My processor between 41 - 52 Celsius !!! Wats the danger zone ? At what Temp do these processors run ? & Compared to the intel range of processors ? At the temp mentioned above is my processor running very hot its normal or Its Low (being an AMD ??) ?? I cant...
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