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  1. GhorMaanas

    The mouse-pad duel : Pls arm me !

    Hi, sorry for that lame title :grin: actually am about to buy a gaming KB (stuck between G510 and SS Merc Stealth, unable to decide yet) and a razer DA (3500 dpi).......need a mat too.....but here too am stuck between two choices : 1. CM CS-M weapon of choice M4/AK : CM Storm »...
  2. H

    Possible Games

    What are the possible games i cld play with the ASUS A8N VM CSM mobo with a reasonable performance..
  3. S

    my configuration, require advice

    Im in Kochi. got some hardware, hitachi 250gb sata2 and a few other things, need advice about other stuff. 1) which tft - Viewsonic VA712(10.7k) or Samsung 740N(11.7k) ?? 2) which motherboard ASUS A8N VM ASUS A8N VM CSM MSI K8NGM FID ive heard CSM is giving problems. infact both CSM...
  4. M

    Asus A8N-VM CSM Motherboard

    me just upgrading my pc from intel 2.8 to AMD 3500+.... and ram--->2GB in this i would like a descent mobo....how is this one... Asus A8N-VM CSM Motherboard will i be able to play games on it.... plz suggest others too..... i would like to play games on it at medium or low...
  5. sav_more

    is the IGP on ASUS A8N VM CSM powerful enuf???

    i have budget of around 20K i have decided on da following ASUS A8N VM CSM board amd 3200+ seagate barracuda 120gb 2 X 256mb ddr cabinet,KBoard,mouse... i have to decide on 6600 from nvidia or 5.1 speaker set. i can buy either the grafix card or speakers. so is the IGP on this board...
  6. S

    Can DDR (133/266 MHz) work in A8N-VM CSM Mobo?

    Hi guys, im planning to buy an Asus A8N-VM CSM Mobo. i already have a 256(x2) DDR RAM (266 MHz). I need to know if it will work in the mobo, or should i buy new ones with 400+ Mhz? Is the Asus A8N-VM CSM the best mobo with inbuilt graphics card? Also , does the A8N32-SLI have onboard...
  7. GeekyBoy

    Prices of MB,RAM and Processor

    I want to know the prices of the following Procesors in Kolkata:AMD Athlon64 3000+(venice,939 pin),AMD Athlon64 3200+(venice,939 pin), ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard and 512 MB DDR 400 MHz of Hynix RAM.
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