1. N

    Restricting IN USER permissions/Password Protecting Commands

    Hello Digitians, I am using a Laptop at my home, that is like used by cousins as well more or less it becomes a " Public " entity even if its at home. So the thing is I use uTorrent to download my stuff.. and Incidently my cousins come and stop the torrent/Delete my files etc. I DONOT want...
  2. C

    PC not running, nor walking and not even working

    I was carrying my PC to my cousins house during rain. When I reach my cousins house the PC was not running. BTW I took the PC in waterproof box covered with plastic, so rain did not enter. From where can I get replacements of these components? PS: Rain water did not enter but a day before I...
  3. MegaMind

    Webcam for 1K...

    Hey guys need a good Webcam around 1K for my cousin's laptop... Need ur valuable suggestions...
  4. V

    samsung dvd writer not reading on my computer

    Hey friends You people just soughed a problem of mine. And now u have to sought one more I just took my cousin's samsung dvd writer to burn some dvd's Its burning but not able to read any kind of dvd's strange thing it is reading cd's nicely And working fine on my cousin's system My config...
  5. aditya1987

    Query regarding Dataone Business-5000 Plan!!

    Hello friends!!! I have Dataone Business-5000 plan. I use this on my personal computer. I wanted to know wether I can use my account on my cousin's computer. He has Home-900 plan. Waiting for your reply!!
  6. R

    are you a X BOXer

    hey i wanted to know how many of you have a xbox 360 , and if you have opne where you got it from have just recieved a xbox 360 as a gift from my cousins .
  7. P

    can anyone suggest the best drivers for my geforce fx 5200

    hey can anyone suggest the best drivers for my geforce fx 5200 ? I am using winxp sp2, athlonxp 1400+, DFI AM75TC mobo with KT133 chipset. Using this as a standby system, as i have built a new athlon 64, but still love to keep it healthy. My cousins plays lots of games on this pc, so i would...
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