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  1. heartripple

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 activation related queries.

    I have Kaspersky Interne Security 2009 with 2 users pack. Recently my Windows XP got corrupted.So I have reinstalled it.And now I have instlled KIS 2009.Its asking me to activate it.But I am worried that if I use the activation key then I will be counted like I am using it on another system so...
  2. S

    DSL-502T Auto Reboot

    Hello Guyz, i am using the NU plan and my modem is D-Link DSL 502T. i have to go to sleep at 11 and DL time is from 12. The MB 's get counted in the day session if i do not reboot my modem. how do i set it to auto reboot at 12? please help guyz. please.
  3. A

    did mtnl triband count uploads

    can any one tell me i mean any one from his personal experience that mtnl triband is count uploads or not in their FAQ they give following answers cause i think it's counting in my 1gb limits (i m using torrents and pando) Will Upload is counted in data limits? All the websites you are...
  4. anispace

    Something better than DUmeter .. . .

    As the topic says i need a software that is better than DUmeter. I have a Triband 590NU connection which means the downloads b\w 12-8am r free. Hence i want a software which counts the data transfer b\w this time seperately. I normally shutdown Dumeter at 12am but sometimes i forget due to which...
  5. C

    How to identify Local sms number and National sms number?

    Hello all, By looking at a number how can we say whether it is a Local sms number or National sms number. Also for 4 digit numbers is counted as Local sms or National sms? If it is counted as National sms then the local radio station Radio city in Bangalore gives 4 digit numbers....it should be...
  6. R

    why my post are not counted properly?

    why my post are not counted properly?why what is the reason?
  7. K

    [Edited] Deep

    Edit by Deep: Rules, Rules, Rules... http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13987 I totally agree thay you do not generate revenue from it but still it is counted in advertising
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