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  1. P

    Recovering HDD

    My laptop's HDD shows error 303 which I know is corrupt HDD. But is it possible that some partitions may be fine and it can be used?
  2. ax3

    firefox bookmarks corrupt !!!

    hi, i have freshly installed win 7 ... was using ff 34 on old os ... have upgraded to ff 38.0.1 ... bt the problem is, its not importing my .json file for bookmarks ... it say "unable to process, file might be corrupt" ... bt if i open it in notepad its there ... how do i get old bookmarks ...
  3. setanjan123

    HDD Partition corrupt

    I have a 160gb seagate hdd. Now the C Drive is a 30gb partition. I use win xp. About a year ago i used EASUS Partition manager to make a 10gb partition labelled G:. The G partition was made from the C drive. So now i had a 20gb or so c drive and 10gb g drive. I installed win7 in the g drive and...
  4. S

    hdd corrupt

    My exernal hdd is showing some files as corrupt. How do i know for sure that my hdd is dying. Or may be just a software issue?
  5. M

    How to repair a corrupt SWF File?

    Hi Friends Need help with a corrupt SWF file which belongs to one of mine friend. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/08gkzqw5vhf4hpn/YMCA.swf Can anyone help me in repairing the above file? Thanks :)
  6. RBX

    Corrupt Drive

    One of my Logical Partitions is corrupt and I'm unable to access my 142+ GB of stuff. Please suggest some methods to avoid formatting / recover data after formatting.
  7. sujeet2555

    16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem error

    hi i have window7,32 bit.recently ,i was having error of fatal error c000021a after pc turned off directly.using boot disk i restored the corrupt "software" file in system32/config folder with a backup.after that pc started fine but i am getting this error "16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem The NTVDM CPU...
  8. N

    See how Lokpal Bill can curb the politicians

    MUST READ Existing System | System Proposed by civil society No politician or senior officer ever goes to jail despite huge evidence because Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) and CBI directly come under the government. Before starting investigation or prosecution in any case, they have to take...
  9. S

    PS2 Memory Card Corrupt

    Hi! I have 2 PS2 8 MB memory cards and they both have some corrupt files due to which im not able to save data for some games. I tried to delete these corrupt files but however, each time i try try an error pops up "Unable to deleate Data" these files are about 13KB in size. So plz suggest me a...
  10. J

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt Hal.dll

    Hello to all, When I Switched On my PC with Windows XP-SP3, then following Error is appearing: - Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt <windows root>/system32/hal.dll please re-install a copy of this file. (1) I run Windows XP CD, from which I...
  11. stonecaper

    [URGENT]0xc0000001 ERROR in New PC Please help

    Hi, When I Started to install Windows 7 on my new PC after coming from shop,i got this error 0xc0000001 winload.exe missing or corrupt please help i urgently neeed it by friday PS - bios shows RAM,HDD,DVDrw
  12. S

    How to Make Video File Or a Dvd Which Can Corrupt itself After One Run

    Is There Any Technology Presently available for Users Like Me to Make a Video file or A Dvd that can Corrupt itself after One Run.........?????
  13. jatt

    Please guide what can i do now

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt. Windows root\system32\hal.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file.
  14. G

    Urgent Reply!! The current users Problem related to starting Windows

    The problem is that. The system boot sucessfully but after gone to the Blue screen of death. Show error message.:shock::shock::shock::shock: STOP: cx00000218 Registry cannot load the (Hive) file. \SystemRoot\System32\config\software not loading or corrupt or not write. I can try to restart...
  15. Siddharthtech

    Conficker troubles me

    Mates Can you please tell me a simple and fast way to tackle the conficker. It blocks access to Microsoft and Antivirus sites. Always there are bubbles saying that files are corrupt. I can't run the task manager and registry editor. The CHKDSK list is huge. Please help me from this problem.
  16. JohnephSi

    Windows corrupt file

    How 2 solve the problem of Windows corrupt file n my computer takes 2 long time 2 start a program 4rm strt a program...
  17. jxcess2

    how do u make an excel file appear to be corrupt?

    how do u make an excel file appear to be corrupt? so if someone asks me why I didn't finish my wrk, I can say that the file I wrked on has become corrupt.
  18. agnels

    Winmm.dll corrupt or missing

    First i got a notification that winmm.dll is corrupt run chkdsk. After i ran chkdsk the file was deleted. Now everytime i start windows i get winmm.dll missing . How do i re install it. I have original win XPpro cd. Please help
  19. smile


    Everytime when am using any programs or browsing internet a msg keeps on poping up saying an example: if i open realplayer or win amp or any programs related to that the error says ''file is corrupt run chkdsk''.:( I have rum many a times but no use the error keeps on coming . Can anyone solve...
  20. vandit

    Repairing corrupt files..

    Is there ne way to repair corrupted files?
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