1. Neo

    IEM for ~2k

    So my last one KZ ATE died out after like 6months. Those sounded amazing for their price. My only complain was they were big. I prefer small IEMs, though I can't really complain at 600 bucks. Got any other suggestions for under INR 2000? Or should I just order the ATE again? I like deep...
  2. ZTR

    [Complaint] Refusing to take card (Supertron/Sapphire)

    So my 7770 is not giving any display Fans are spinning but no output As per this thread : So I visited them today and they refused to take my card for RMA because it was "dusty" :banghead: Where should I...
  3. S

    Getting unwanted Calls

    I am getting annoying pre recorded message as unwanted calls everytime even after i am registered to DND. I tried calling 1909 and even sending SMS but sms aint getting accepted and calls are getting cancelled. How do i stop or complain to them.
  4. bukaida

    BSNL UDAAN site-- A nobel effort going to sleep again by the work culture of employees ?

    BSNL had launched the UDAAN project with lots of promises. This is suppose to apply for a new broadband / change of existing plan online. The site assures that the complain/query will be handled within 7 days else you may complain against the LEAD. The copy of the query goes to all sort of...
  5. abhi_10_20

    My rig's power related queries - need new PC UPS?

    People, I had been using my system till now with no probs. But am smelling something fishy here. Feel free to bash me anywhere! PSU is FSP Saga II - 500 W My sys has GTX 660 - which has a minimum power req of 450 W I had been using APC Back-UPS ES 500 which outputs 300 Watts / 500 VA ( !!!!! )...
  6. Jaskanwar Singh

    Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 On Linux

    [Phoronix] Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 On Linux Review so why do people complain of amd linux drivers?
  7. rhitwick

    "Do not pay bribe" rather inform CBI

    Yes, one such advertisement came in today's newspaper (TOI) Original Adv. here Source: TOI, 3rd November, 2009. Section: Times Global (At the below, right most corner) So, how many of you r going to use it? And don't ever complain that you can't do anything against corruption.
  8. INS-ANI

    The joke called Reliance customer service

    Well,i have something interesting. I was about to send a mail to reliance customer care third time to complain about my slow internet speed. And i thought, may be it will be a good idea to share it with my forum friends. So, i will be sharing all mails and call transcripts of my communication...
  9. Pearl Groupz

    Any one know From Where I can Complain in IPB..Abt Illegal IPB Scripts using on sites

    Any one know From Where I can Complain in IPB..Abt Illegal IPB Scripts using on sites?? plz tell me fast...i want to complain abt some sites
  10. skghosh44

    Social Problem

    Guys I dont know whether it will justify to ask this question or not. But I am asking. The problem is that one of our neighbour is opend a poulty farm in the residential area, which caused bad smell all the time in the sorrounding area. We verbally request him to stop running the farm, but he...
  11. S

    Delete files from rapidshare.

    Sometimes you must have com across "THIS FILE IS FORBIDDEN TO BE SHARED! Complaints received". How do I complain for some files. The FAQS don't help. :)
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