1. Night-Rider

    Switch to Bank Job from IT? Yes or No

    Hello everyone, I am currently working in an IT firm in NCR region. I have B.Tech in Computer Science. I have been in IT industry from last 5 years and getting a salary of 72k per month after tax deductions. (11.2LPA) I love my job as I am a techie at heart. However, I want to move closer to...
  2. harshilsharma63

    Samsung 850 Pro with 3D NAND

    Source: AnandTech | Samsung SSD 850 Pro (128GB, 256GB & 1TB) Review: Enter the 3D Era
  3. R

    Grid: Autosport

    Looks like nobody is excited, which is sad. I mean Codemasters literally make some of the best PC racing games. This is the latest in the series and the best features are 22 courses 100 tracks Cockpit view Handling closer to the original Grid Moving back to the TOCA roots No...
  4. srkmish

    Man Undergoes Extensive Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber, Spends $100,000 In 5 Years

    This is unbelievable. Crosses all limits of star worship. He was a perfectly handsome man before and now looks like a cow. Not only is songwriter Toby Sheldon a 33-year-old Justin Bieber fan, his Bieber-devotion would blow teeny-bopping Beliebers out of the water. That's because Sheldon...
  5. J

    40" LED Full HD TV for a price range of 50 to 60 k (preferably closer to 50k)

    Hi All, I would like your expert views/opinions on 40 inches LED Full HD TV for a price range of 50 to 60 k (preferably closer to 50k). Also should i consider a 3d tv for this price range (just to be future proof and as an additional option)? Preferred brands: Sony,Samsung,LG PS: Planing to...
  6. Neo

    Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

    Make no mistake, Microsoft isn't playing coy in the smartphone market any longer. The folks in Redmond are making a significant jump forward in the mobile arena, announcing that the upcoming version of Windows Phone, codenamed "Mango," will be heading to a device near you in time for the...
  7. Plasma_Snake

    Mafia 2 Gameplay footage

    Here's the link. :lol:
  8. Third Eye

    Half Life 2 Episode 2 - 8 Hours of Gameplay

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