1. gameranand

    Welcome to "The Cyclone" [ 56k Warning !]

    OK guys after so much searching and searching I have finally purchased the PC and named it as "The Cyclone". I am very thankful to the following members who helped me finalize the rig (No proper order) 1. Cilus 2. Sumonpathak 3. Skud 4. rock2702 5. Myth 6. vkl 7. pratyush997 8. Topgear 9. Ico...
  2. B

    Confused between buying Laptop or Desktop for gaming

    I am not sure if its the right place to ask as I new to the forum. I am confused between buying a laptop or desktop(assembled) for gaming. I play CS and DOTA most, but also play all sorts of games like RTS, turn based RTS, FPS, RPG and sports simulations. Also have doubt if I can connect a good...
  3. T

    hd6950 or hd6870 or hd7770?

    hello, guys well my friend is a buying a gpu his budget is 9k now the main he tried olx to find some old gpus and he found a sapphire hd6870@7.2k 9 mnths used,with bill & every accessory, (will check b4 buying ) and a sapphire hd6950 2gb dirt3@9k 10 months old, seal packed,never used as...
  4. T

    will x2 555@3.8ghz(only 2 cores:( ) bottleneck my new sapphire hd6950 dirt3 edition at 1920x1200

    hey guyz, I've bought a hd6950 2gb with bios switch at 11k my system spec are: amd x2 555@3.8ghz stock fan (no luck unlocking ) msi 785gm p45 seasonic eco600 600w psu iball i8181 case lg display 22"@1920x1200p and etc. so my question is will my CPU bottleneck my card,,,,I've not tried...
  5. Tenida

    Say welcome to our new Supermoderator CILUS

    Say Welcome to our newly appointed super-Moderator~ CILUS Congrats buddy:grin: Cheers De la grandi Mephistopheles yak yak!!!
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