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  1. C

    Good GPU under 3200INR

    I want to buy good mid budget GPU. Can you recommend some? Currently i have chosen this GPU. Nividia GT 610 My Spec: 4GB RAM. (Planned to Upgrade to 8GB) Intel i5 - Quad Core.
  2. prds359

    Suggestion & opinion please ..

    planning to buy a digi cam next month. my range is 14k-15k (INR) max. Still photos are main priority, won't be shooting much video. I have chosen Nikon S9400. if there's any other better offerings, please suggest me. i am interested only in Nikon, Canon & Sony. Regards :)
  3. bkpeerless

    Which graphic card is better ati radion 777o or nvidia 650 .

    I cant decide which one is better card. I have 3rd generation i5 processor . coolermaster 450 psu. I have chosen between asus 7770 and zodac nvidea650.. plz suggest
  4. mati17

    From Photos to Movie Maker Software

    Hi Forum ! I have a bunch of photos (jpeg format). I want to make a mp4 movie having my photos run like a slideshow and a chosen mp3 song played. Is this possible ? If yes, any software available to do this....? Kindly help me..... Thanks !
  5. prabhu.wali

    New chassis old pc :P

    Cooler Master 690II Plus hi fellas m looking for a new chassis and have chosen cm 690II plus,any inputs??
  6. J

    LCD Or Plasma TV

    LCD Or Plasma TV or LED backlit LCD Hi, 40 inches Full HD Maxi Rs 70k Which among 3 to be chosen? Kindly suggest brand/model
  7. chandrudme

    Mobile suggestion Budget 8K

    Friends Pl suggest a good budget mobile with the below specs. 3MP cam EDGE (3G not reqd) Touch Can add Apps Good battery I have chosen Nokia X3 touch&type and Samsung Star II Pl give ur suggestions..
  8. M

    Help choosing AM3 motherboard (mid-range)

    Which one of these would you recommend considering overclockability and layout etc.? Any other suggestions? ECS A785GM-M DFI LANParty BI 785G-M35 Asus M4A785TD-V EVO Edit: Mobo budget is around 5 - 7k Also, I have chosen the Phenom X4 555 BE as my CPU. How do you rate the configuration...
  9. A

    Electronic Showroom

    Hey... I have an offer for you java coders out there!!! I have an ICSE Board Project coming up on java... the topic which i have chosen i have chosen is Electronic Showroom Please contact me if u can make a good project for me.. aniruddhchaturvedi@gmail.com we'll settle the price over...
  10. KingTheRuler

    Synopsis help required

    Dear All, I have a project on Hostel Management in c++. I have to write a synopsis on my project. But i'm facing problem to start with. Not getting points like under "Title of Project" where i have to explain why i had chosen this title and use/working/brief description about its requirement...
  11. devilzdad

    UCWEB network settings???

    I have downloaded Ucweb english ver 5.01 from there site for my nokia 5700... but the problem is whenever i open the application it shows network initialization failed.... in network settings i have chosen access point as "Airtel online", but still it is showing error... so guys plz help me with...
  12. aj27july

    Must read for every Indian

    New 7 wonders are being chosen. They are being officially chosen on http://www.new7wonders.com/index.php I sincerely request you all to vote for the glorious TAJ MAHAL. Let the TAJ be again considered as a WONDER. Please spread this as fast and as far as you can. You can tell people about this...
  13. abhijith44

    I have chosen my PC Config from ur help..plz check it once

    i thank u all guys for helping me ......i came to know so many stuff thru discussions which i had never knew.. I HAve chosen the conifg plz check it once more but still the config persists in my mind to go for AMD or Intel... INTEL Intel pentium dual core 3 ghz 4 mb l2 cache.. Asus...
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