1. mobo

    Discussion: RMA/Service Centers of PC H/W manufacturers

    So the other day I decided to search the web for the service centers of various hardware manufacturers, you know, for... 'general knowledge', and to my surprise very few have a clear cut list on their official website. While google returns plenty of results from third party websites, I can say...
  2. ankush28

    [Query] Skullcandy service centers in Mumbai?

    So my skullcandy ink'd stopped working after 8 months and now I want to claim warranty but cant find service centers in Mumbai. Googlle search ended up with stupid results.
  3. G

    Lava Xolo customer service

    Hey guys, i'm pretty impressed by xolo play and wan't to buy this phone but am skeptical about xolo service center's in general availability, willingness to help (in gurgaon)... if anybody can shed some light on this matter.
  4. tkin

    Discussion: ASUS Appoints DIGICARE as ASP

    ASUS appoints Digicare as Authorised Service Provider for Motherboards and Graphics Cards Mumbai, 3rd October 2012: In a move to further enhance its service efficiency and network, ASUS has today announced the appointment of DIGICARE as the authorized service provider for its motherboards...
  5. Prime_Coder

    Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice

    Read more : Source article
  6. vaibhav23

    FIITJEE help

    My sister had given the fiitjee exams and had passed.She is going to take admission in the Ranchi fiitjee center.So please tell is it good. and please suggest whether Delhi fiitjee center's are good. But please tell about the Ranchi center as it is at the highest priority.
  7. Vyom

    Best Medical Coaching Centers

    Being a tech-related forum, my hopes are not so up for this query! But still I want to try. Lately a friend of mine need to find out, some of the best medical coaching centers in Delhi or around. Anyone please let me know, anything you know about them!
  8. nitish_mythology

    URGENT HELP REQUIRED--Delhi Waalon help!!

    I need to fill the Delhi University form.. As I belong to Uttarakhand with no close friends in Delhi,moreover I cant download the form from the website n fill it! There is no such facility! THE LAST DATE IS 16th JUNE The form is worth Rs.30 , not much but quite a bit when you are spending it...
  9. S

    Computer Hardware Disposal Centers in India

    Hi guys, I wanted to know if there are any Computer Hardware Disposal centers in India. If yes, does anyone know of any centers in Bangalore ? BTW, I wanted to dispose a CRT monitor & sealed APC battery (both non-working). Lemme know guys.
  10. blackleopard92

    ViewSonic VA1912W vs BenQ FP92

    ViewSonic VA1912W vs BenQ FP92 19" widescreens after going through all the options, i have finally selected these two 19" widescreen. i wanted unbiased opinions about both of these monitors. also, do tell me about the service quality and centers in delhi. also, one thing i wanted to enquire...
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