1. amjath

    Cable Management for Cooler Master Elite 430

    Just tell me is this cable management okay for cooler master elite 430. :rofl: sure is bro. Maximum I tried tieing lets see whether I can do more Bro I think my cabinet not that good for Cable management, I tried my level. Also all cables are little stretchy [barabar ka lenght me hai...
  2. theserpent

    Happy B'day clmlbx

    Hey happy bday clmlbx bro :)
  3. setanjan123

    Faulty RAM?

    Hello. My PC had the no post no beep situation. My hw engnr bro cm and did sm tinkering around(remvd gfx crd nd pc startd 2 beep. Then re installd nd startd normaly). Dis was a fw days ago. 2day at mrning was playing Stalker. Ran smoothly wid no prblm. In evening when i trid 2 boot pc during...
  4. A

    gaming mouse below 1.5k

    require a gaming mouse less then 1.5k i already have a logitech mx518 mouse giving it to my bro as am tired of it .
  5. W

    Pls suggest good 2.1 speakers!

    Hi Friends, Would like to buy good 2.1 speakers. Budget is 3k. I am currently using Altec lansing VS2621 grabbed at 2k. Now would need another set for my PC. My Mobo is Intel DH67BL with core i5 2500. I shall use these for music predominently and movies & games as well. Please suggest...
  6. B

    Nokia C6 - 2 Months Old

    Posting on behalf of my close friend, he doesn't have an account here. Want to sell Nokia C6 which is 2 months old. It is in very good condition and has been rarely used, no scratches or any physical damage. Selling it with the box and all the accessories I got with it, there is still 10 months...
  7. zegulas

    Mobile as Webcam

    Hey my bro has Nokia Supernova 7210, he wants to use it as a webcam, how to do that?
  8. NoasArcAngel

    Help with GPU ...

    I had an old xfx 8600GT oven edition lying around with me ... and i gave it to my bro he plays cs and he called me up today.. and told me that there was something wrong with the GPU... he was getting 4.5~6 fps instead of the regular 100 .... so like i dunno what's the problem with the GPU when i...
  9. m-jeri

    Nintendo Wii

    Hi All... Selling my Wii, Which I bought a month ago from Zoheb bro. NTSC, Wii Key 2 Modded. Was done by a vendor in IVG, Nikks. Got 2 sets of controllers. Have all the box and stuff. Will throw in few games. Its abt 8 months old i guess. Price : 13k Shipped. Reason : PS3 hogging...
  10. L

    taking bike abroad... is it possible??

    Hi Guys, I have a rather silly question.. I've got offer from a UK company and i'm planning to move there for atleast a year. does anyone know if it is possible to take a motorcycle with us. I already have made arrangements to stay there, as my bro is there. I was just curious if i can...
  11. I

    which card should i buy

    Hi.. So me and my bro are big fans of playing game.. my bro plays more voilent type of games. I want to buy him a graphic card on his birthday.. what will u suggest????? His computer is a new one.. just 1 month ago bought.. but no graphic card.. he asking dad for new graphic card.. i...
  12. Vivek788

    Privilege Issues

    I recently re-installed Windows XP. I had serious issues with errors coming up saying I don't have enough privileges to install. This happens with any software install that involves the C:\ partition.I am just fed up,this went a long way and my bro somehow fixed it by using lots of fix...
  13. T

    Asus M2n-e Or M2n-e Sli ?????

    bro, buyin AMD 6000+ 2moro... but confused with the board.... which 1 2 go for..... M2N-E OR M2N-E SLI. so needed suggestion regarding...which is better... the extra features provided by sli is good,,,,and i need it... but s the sound quality of sli board is better or not....and...
  14. Binay 007

    11 ye

    Guys suggest me some games for my little bro 11 years old .

    enable opacity.How ?

    Hi bro 1st Happy new year 4 all digit member.I want to enable opacity but which software nd how.plz guide me nd i'm using FC6 with KDE 3.5. plz help me bro.......:neutral:
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