1. Who

    Team Fortress 2

    I have seen that COD 4 thread, people there are saying it has the best multiplayer, well i disagree i say TF 2 owns all so i am making this TF 2 offical disscusion thread, discuss anything related to TF 2 , from gameplay tips to server of your own , boy this game rocks , let's make an indian...
  2. punk

    Nice love story

    Dear Friends, This is a wonderful story………… It may take more time to read but take time and read it whenever u r free……….. she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I cannot describe her beauty in the limited time I have here. I was 23 and fresh out of college, when I saw her. I...
  3. Third Eye

    13-year-old boy kills brother over video game

    How stupid people are.:eek:
  4. Anindya

    23-year-old develops website that matches Orkut!

    A boy from Bhubaneswar has developed a site quite similar to orkut but with better features. The boy is 23yrs old and doesnt own a computer! Source:-
  5. T

    Woman Sues Yahoo Over Picture

    Oh Boy. What next.
  6. g_goyal2000

    3 Eyes Boy ROM Needed

    Hi. I am sure many of you must have played "3 Eyes Boy" video game. But online, I can't find it's ROM. Please, if someone has it kindly send it to me. Or if you where I can find it online, kindly point me to it's location. Just send a PM & i''l give u my email address. Thanks.
  7. donaljohny

    gears of war

    this one is gonna rock the 360 and he is coming out in november 14. boy play this and also try graw3 and loads more for the 360
  8. H

    A free-forum creates a big appreciation

    dudes,i have found forum on net,its a free forum,But the thing is its just started for two days,it has 132 topics it is posted by guests,9 members,and many things on it! The main speciality is that the admin of that forum is an Indian Boy! Edit: FatBeing The Admin of this forum is an...
  9. K

    "billy boy virus" on my pc help immediately

    How do i solve my problem this virus destroy system files and there is a name of bund of billy boy virus on my pc" i cant change this name on my pc
  10. N

    Where do these Debian codenames come from?

    So far they have been characters taken from the movie "Toy Story" by Pixar. buzz (Buzz Lightyear) was the spaceman, rex was the tyrannosaurus, bo (Bo Peep) was the girl who took care of the sheep, hamm was the piggy bank, slink (Slinky Dog (R)) was the toy dog, potato was, of...
  11. J


    How to play Game Boy Advance game on pc?Wat is tis emulator n where can i get one?Also where can i get game boy advance games??
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