1. isenberg

    What skills are required from a CSE student ?

    Hi, I am a fresher at (CSE). Due to two years of drop I have lost motivation and interest in everything. Now what they are teaching in 1st sem seems boring, dull and irrelevant. I know I can't drop out again, because I have lost two years already. This is the last shot at getting a...
  2. A

    audio reminder for tasks

    im using a win 8 lappy-where in the net can i download free software to have a loud audio reminder which reminds me of particular work on a particular date,i have google keep which is boring
  3. Gollum

    Learn to Play a Guitar in 60days \m/ ROCKSMITH \m/

    Don't believe me? Check this video _qEP4lC3E1k I'm gonna give it a try. I have tried my hand at playing a guitar but never went too far, practicing was really boring. What do you guys say? Shout out to the TDF Guitarists!!! UPDATE: 0IhUbhLsH6U Rocksmith for total noobs TtEKnlBJbdo
  4. ico

    Need suggestions to re-organize this section

    all right, I see many threads regarding the same queries. How can we organize them??? It really gets boring after some time when you have to repeat the same things over and over again.
  5. rhasta

    BE Printing Technology - Interesting to study or boring?

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if printing technology is interesting or boring? I might apply for BE Printing technology at Manipal University so I needed an expert opinion..
  6. sagar_jxd

    Tell me some new games which can run on my PC???????

    tell me some new games which can run on this PC configuration Intel(R)Core(TM)2 CPU 6420@ 2.13GHz 2.13GHz,0.99GB of RAM Video Card - 128.0 MB (internal) no strategy games plzzzzzzz they r toooo boring!!!! and if u can give me links also plzzzzz thn and no torrent.........
  7. enticer86

    Help me create smilies

    Hello friends, Any idea or any site etc to help me make smilies like " ('',) " instead of the boring : ) ones?
  8. Pathik

    SKOAR EXPO, Mumbai

    Any1 been there? I found it pretty boring compared to the 2006 expo.
  9. pritish_kul2


    I want my PC to be completely spidermanised. s o, i need to know how do i change the start menu's blue colour and place a pic? or watermark? i want some theme song to remove that boring start u p and shut down tune. and last thing i want is how to change them in the registry? - there's vishal.
  10. shakshy

    Uninstall IE

    How do I uninstall IE from my pc. Who uses this sluggy and boring software, I got Firefox and Mozilla
  11. wwwescape

    k50i media problems ...

    where can i download apps to the SEk50i to play .avi files. i dont wanna covert my files everytime, it becomes boring everytime ...
  12. iMav

    The Godfather for XBox 360

    well the PC version was very boring .... here's 1 for xbox 360 Video
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