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  1. G

    hide.me VPN????

    Hi, recently I've been getting a security msg of sorts, that too from torrent...it tells me to install HIDE.ME VPN to make myself anonymous. it also says it can help with the throttling issue from my ISP (MTS) which also i started having problems with very recently...i've heard that MTS...
  2. JojoTheDragon

    Blocks That Matter

    Blocks That Matter Plot: About The Devs: Screenshot(s): Credits to the official site for the info.
  3. M

    How to know if someone blocks you on FB?

    I noticed that one of my friends on Facebook, does not appear more in the friend list. In the message box, his profile picture does not appear also, and when I click on the name, it does not open his profile... I tried to send a message but, a window said that it was not possibile to send...
  4. anshul

    IE 7 blocks active X from fileplanet.

    Whenever I try to download from fileplanet.com my internet explorer blocks the download popup page from initiallizing the downloading the file by blocking its active X saying that IE has blocked the site from running an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner. Site not approved. I added the...
  5. Sridhar_Rao

    comodo firewall pro gone crazy

    I am using XP SP2 on my dell laptop. comodo firewall pro is now behaving weirdly. It is blocking all access to internet. For example, when a program attempts to connect to internet, comodo asks if I should allow it. Even if I click on "allow", it still blocks it with log "suspicious behavior". I...
  6. iinfi

    Comodo and Avast

    hi as my reliance wifi network is not a secure one, i use Comodo Firewall and Avast Free home antivirus. Even after i train the firewall it still does wierd things and practically blocks everything. i blocks all the ports and i cant run Oracle as it blocks the services also. Can anyone...
  7. kirangp

    Peer Guardian 2...Guards ur IP from companies who spy on YOU

    Peer Guardian is a software which blocks spying companies' IPs and protects your privacy when downloading through p2p.Even though in India no company has taken to spying users but that day is not far off.PG2 blocks around 73 crore IPs as of now & the lists are updated on a daily basis.The memory...
  8. D

    flash websites cannot be opened!!

    see, i cannot view certain websites.when the window is open,an outline comes and then it stops there. no blocks are done by any antivirus. hw can I solve it????? i think the flash websites are the problems. plzzzz help meee
  9. A

    security n web-filtering in LAN

    hi guyz..... i need to know bout certain s/ws which can provide me security as well as web filtering in LAN. I tried evaluation version of zone alarm's security suite which provides web filtering but it has some problems............. some times it even blocks mail.yahoo.com n sometimes it lets...
  10. R

    companies preventing cell phone use?

    Do you know of any company which blocks mobile signals in it campus for security reasons?
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