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  1. praka123

    Serial Blasts in Hyderabad!xxxxx

    Atleast 20 killed in Hyderabad serial blasts http://zeenews.com/articles.asp?aid=391023&sid=REG&ssid=&news=Atleast%2020%20killed%20in%20Hyderabad%20serial%20blasts ALSO: http://ibnlive.com/news/22-killed-24-hurt-as-2-blasts-hit-hyderabad/47450-3.html wth?ISI?
  2. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Triple bomb blasts in Gorakhpur

    NEW DELHI: A series of three bombs exploded in Gorakhpur city of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday evening. The first blast took place at 6.40 pm at the Baldev intersection of the city. Another blast occurred at Golghar, the heart of the city, and the third one in Bal Vihar. The bombs, according...
  3. gsoul2soul

    Best Adventure Games...

    I love to play adventure games... hell even bought a new AGP card (6800 GT) But have not played any games... (guess I'm not, that big a gamer...) Anyways last game I really adored and had a blast was "Prince of persia" (all three parts) So please recommend me some games that are more or...
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