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  1. A


    Can you say me what are the benefits of Graphic Cards
  2. mati17

    Smartphone with Non removable battery

    Dear Forum, I am goin to buy Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. But it has "Non removable battery". Is this disadvantage ? What are benefits of removable battery ? Please guide me as i want to purchase Samsung Mobile want to keep it 2-3 years. Thanks & Regards, Matin
  3. ajayritik

    Benefits of rooting and how to root yureka

    Many friends out her in TDF suggest me to root my yureka. I seem to be haunted by the battery drain problem on and off. I believe this can be worked around by installing greenify and for that I need to root. So kindly guys let me know the benefits of rooting my android and the steps to root...
  4. A

    General Query Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) on Snapdeal

    Hello All, have you heard about GOSF on Snapdeal. I think everyone knows about this upcoming days of this shopping festival on Snapdeal. And I hope it gives benefits to the customers. Keep browsing for the exciting offers
  5. A

    Ice Cream Sandvich Update on Xperia Pro(Owner please Reply)

    Hi All I own a Xperia Pro and it update to ICS has been out. I want know has anyone have updated their Xperia Pro. How is the performance. Is their any cons, and what are the benefits.
  6. L

    Best (N+, MCSE & CCNA) institute/course

    Hi Friends... Whenever I have a tech query, this is where I always land up to find the answers. So here I am... I need to do a H/w and N/w course (N+, MCSE & CCNA). I've been doing a bit of running around and found the following institutes and their fees, benefits etc. Could someone...
  7. R

    artificial intelligence

    :confused:please give me details about artificial intellligence.what are the benefits of art. intelligence.
  8. raksrules

    Benefits of Buying a Laptop on Thanksgiving in US ??

    Can anyone please let me know what are the benefits of buying a laptop on thanksgiving day in US ? I have heard that we can get them for a fraction of price in case we are one of the few initial customers ? Can anyone please explain this ?
  9. A

    Sony Dvd Rw Dru-810a

    Sony Dvd Writer Rw DRU-810A I have SONY DVD RW DRU-810A Writer And it is more than 1.5 Years old Do i need to upgrade it firmware. And what benefits i can get . i know there is a update available .
  10. iMav

    benefits of activating

    could some1 list me the benefits of registering a product like xp or vista is it true tht some features may b blocked if im not using an activated copy or everything is fine just tht 1 cant update the product
  11. L

    For all graphics card fanatics!!

    Just check this out..http://www.hexus.net/content/review...mlld19JRDOxMDM2... Whaddya think??? I think this may have its benefits after all!!
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