1. vedula.k95

    Hey Guys i need some help regarding Rent issue?

    Hello Digit Forum, this is a pretty silly question,but i really need your help here,i am second year CS student and i am living in hostel,i am planning to shift to a PG after this semester(3 rd Semester). Hence i started to search a PG nearby,and found one. Talked to the caretaker,and finally...
  2. T

    Wifi Router range

    Hi guys.. I need a new wifi router for friends 3 bedroom flat. The 3 bedrooms are opposite each other and he needs a wifi router which will give him range in both the bedrooms. hewill be placing the router in bedroom 1. (bed 1) He will require acceptable range in bedrooms 2 and 3...
  3. Empirial

    [LCD TV Buying Query] Lg Vs Sony

    Hello, The old Samsung CRT Tv kept in my bedroom has gone kaput. Since we already have a 42" Plasma in our hall, I'm looking to buy a small 26" LCD for my bedroom. My budget is around 20-21k & I'm confused between these two models, please help : *LG 26CS470 LG 26CS470 LCD TV - HD 720p...
  4. S

    Buying A/C for my bedroom

    Hello Guys, I would like to buy a 1 ton A/c for my bedroom. Any advices on the brands, * ratings etc? Am from trivandrum and buying A/c unit from Army Canteen.
  5. N

    Suggest a Wireless N-Router

    Hi folks I have a cable net connection(also having BSNL BB) and cable net wire is in living room. I am shifting PC in bedroom and cant have cable moved to bedroom. Can any one suggest me a good wi-fi routers and approx price ? Also should i go for N-Router or a regular 54 mbps speed wala...
  6. R

    Help me buy a new tv/monitor.

    I want to buy a 21/22" display that can be used a monitor as well as a tv. I know there are lcd TVs out there .. that take pc input , but those would be too hard on eyes when used as monitor . What is the best solution ..:?: I don't want to cram my bedroom with sepearte lcd tv and monitor...
  7. nix

    what happens if the outdoor unit of split AC is exposed to too much dust?

    Right behind our house, the construction of a new apartment has just started. They have levelled the land and made a borewell. And thats also where our master bedroom is located. We initially planned to install the AC in the master bedroom, but since the construction will start soon, we were...
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