1. Desmond

    Mob tries to set helpless bear ablaze

    Mob tries to set helpless bear ablaze in Kashmir, probe ordered | I thought we Indians were better than this.
  2. NoasArcAngel

    All about music and sound. Must "hear" before you buy.

    Hi guys i will be posting a audio post. since i am too tired and lazy to type :D . so i hope you bear and listen to me while i provide you with insight into my thought on sound and what to buy what not to buy. Just keep listening \m/
  3. N


    How would you rate the gt650m for high end gaming? And, is it in any way inferior to the old gtx 260m? Am asking this because i'm getting a replacement m14x for my m15x. Other specs are way better in the m14x. Just want to know about the graphics. Comparasion between these two might seem silly...
  4. ajayashish

    Getting payments in INDIA

    I am a freelance designer who have some clients in US. I used to get payment through Xoom or Paypal but recently there has been some problem with both of them. Paypal is not accepting payments for services offered and Xoom is not taking payments through paypal or creditcard on client side...
  5. Ethan_Hunt

    F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin Demo out!

    As promised the demo is up & running. It's again a whopping 1.76GB demo. Here's the link: * As you can see it's gamershell & it's a hell(ish) download site. So bear with it. Also a screenshot of the graphic settings from the game posted on...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Netbooks hit all time low in prices

    Guys! you GOT to check these stuff out. ASUS EEE PC 904HA with 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 9" screen and Windows XP Home available for 353$ on * And some strange...
  7. B

    19 inch monitor

    hey guys i was planning to buy a 19 inch lcd monitor. i know this a much asked question. but then also all the posts i saw was posted about an year ago. maybe there are some new bear with me guys. my budget is around 7 to 10K. whats all ur opinion....?:confused:
  8. shift

    Man in India jailed for caring for orphaned bear

    In this undated photo, Ram Singh Munda, 35, rides a bicycle with his pet sloth bear Rani in Gahatagaon village, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) north of Bhubaneswar, India. When wildlife officials learned of Munda, who brought the orphaned bear cub home from the forests of eastern India, where...
  9. solomon_paulraj

    USB Bear!

    poor little teddy.
  10. B

    plz help me out with bear share

    freinds, i use bear share very regularly , i downloaded a lot of movies using bear share . but suddenly my system got slow and i had to re install my operating system(xp+sp2) . now the system is ok but bear share is not connecting to gnutella network , i disabled the windows firewall and zone...
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