1. R

    .Bat file code error

    @echo off pushd %CD% cls set jpath=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_07\bin cd /d %jpath% if EXIST "javac.exe" goto FOUND if NOT EXIST "javac.exe" goto NOTFOUND :NOTFOUND cls echo JAVAC.EXE FILE NOT FOUND pause goto END :FOUND echo JAVAC.EXE FILE FOUND echo. pause popd :END :?: I have written a...
  2. C

    Help me Make .bat file for doing this routing compress-copy work?

    I want to make a .bat file which will Copy this folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8\Update distribution and compress it (using 7-Zip / Default XP's compressing program) and then copies it to G:\ (which is location of my flash drive.)...
  3. KingTheRuler

    .Bat file creatiion...???

    Hi all, I'm a Vista Ultimate user. I'm using AVG 7.5 anti-virus. I want to create a .bat file to change status of AVG Update service to Manual-Disable. Is it possible to make such .bat file.:confused: Plz help....... Thanks.....:smile:
  4. shady_inc

    Create list of all files and folders with a right-click!!

    Create a list of all files and folders inside a particular folder with a right-click!! Taken from The Elder Geeks What's it about??: After this tutorial,an option will be available whenever you right-click any folder which will display all the files and sub-folders inside that folder and...
  5. Ecko

    Want 2 Disconnect

    If anyone can give me a .bat file to disconnect from dialup :?:
  6. ruturaj3

    How to run .bat file in vb

    Can any one tell me how to edit & execute .bat files in vb application form.
  7. K

    * Killing Print Q in WIN XP very Easy! *

    Most of u all have faced the prob of Cancelling the Print Job Which Won`t work. u restart u system right? Just Do this and all will Vanish with Click-o-button Copy this Command in to Notepad and Save is as x.bat ( where x is the wahteva file name!) @echo off net stop "print...
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