1. R

    pc freezing with a cracking sound

    hi my pc freezes with a continous cracking sound and the monitor turns off after playing games like fear,prey for abt 20 min.i have to manually restart the pc there is no problem during any other normal usage i have the latest drivers installed my config is amd athlon xp 2600+ barton...
  2. M

    Selling: Asus A7N8X Motherboard & AMD Barton 2500+ CPU

    I want to sell this Motherboard-CPU combo, as I have upgraded to a new rig. The motherboard is a deluxe version (for details, see * The CPU is a Barton core and easily overclocks to 3200+ I'm expecting 3,500/- for the...
  3. boeing_737

    Barton processors

    Hi all, I just read that the Barton 2500+ mobile is the best overclocker as of now. It easily reaches the 3200+ speeds. :D I am thinking of going for this one and saving some money. :lol: Any of you have this and what is the cost.? Thanks :wink:
  4. freshseasons

    OHHH MI GOD ...I made a blooper with N FORCE 3

    :x Arrrhhh I did a stupid thing....I got a Ancient Asus A7V266MX motherboard with Athlon 2600+ Barton processor...i dono how i ran that thing with the motherboard but ran i did... Anyway ofcourse the Pc used to hang at random times .. So thinking i got a really old MOBO i ordered a sparkling...
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