1. avtarkaint

    strange problem

    friend & master lease help me my problem with pc is when ever i convert any video to 3gp in any converter like any video, total video etc the pc restart after 60% conversion i m fed up with that plese guide me how to sort out this problem. thanks in advance WBR avtar its winter...
  2. james347

    Please help me in adding avtar to my profile

    I want to add an avtar (Image) for my profile... can anyone help me how to do it ??? :sad::sad::sad::sad: I would be highly thankful to him/her!!!!! Waiting for reply!!!!
  3. koolbluez

    FaceYourManga... ur avtar... ur style...

    Create your Avatar with Face Your Manga! Express yourself through your image and share it, whoever you want. Enjoy yourself by discovering unlimited combinations to realize your virtual alter‐ego. That's what the site says. Well, u got lotta options to give a look, ur...
  4. ashu888ashu888

    IE 5 crashes on opening some websites

    Guys, I hv IE5, and i hv been facing this problem since 2days, now wen ever i open a site, it says, IE has encountered a problem and need to close and the error in the dialogue box is iexplorer.exe (or sumthing of that sort) It happenes only wen i try to open that particular website, rest...
  5. piyush gupta

    Rate the avatar above yours

    I think title says it all so what r ru waiting for guys? rate my avtar
  6. go4saket

    Digit Forum Issues???

    Hello Friends! So Digit Forum is back again and in a much better look as well as features. I am sure there must be a lot of doubts flowing in the minds of most of my forum friends. So lets clear them here... As for mine, I too have a few doubts... 1. What happened to all our previous...
  7. M

    how to remove avtar from yahoo mail??

    how to remove avtar from yahoo mail??
  8. M

    how to remove avtar from yahoo mail??

    how to remove avtar from yahoo mail??
  9. __Virus__

    How to block avtars

    i am member on other forums too..and some of the avtars are kinda nude...cant take risk to c them...so is it possible to block, for example "xyz's" avtar on our forums?
  10. P

    How Do I Get Online Avtar ?

    Hi All Today I have joined here, Heard a Lot about this forum I have beem reader of Digit from a long time. My Journey was started when it was with OLD name then Name has got changed & many things.. A Brief about me,24 yrs boy from Bangalore working in a MNC.. So let...
  11. I


    I'm at a total loss. Could some one explain to me the exact procedure to add an AVTAR to profile. Can it be done from pictures saved in my PC? :(
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