1. Tenida

    Microsoft Lumia 640 earphone problem

    Getting a weird problem on my Microsoft Lumia 640 from yesterday. Problem: When headphone/earphone was plugged in, the sound was not audible. Tried different earphone but no success. But when I call on my number with earphone plugged in, the sound is audible but only on right one. It might...
  2. J

    Decent bluetooth headset (mono) for under 1000?

    Im in the market for a bluetooth headset for my HTC Wildfire But im a little tight on cash right now, hence my budget :/ Ive been looking at Jabra, Samsung, Nokia, etc But Im not sure on what to get, All i care about is an okay mic, audible call clarity, the ability to end and make calls...
  3. leo61611616

    World's Smallest Muscial Instrument Plays Super Mario Bros. Theme

    The scientists from the University of Twente, in the Netherlands, have created "micronium" a tiny musical instrument made up of microscopic springs activated by combs to produce an audible tone. The "micronium" is the first musical instrument to measure only micrometers across and be audible...
  4. M


    I have recently installed linux mint 8 KDE from your April 2010 edition but a very low sound is audible ..Can you please help me out with this ?
  5. iinfi

    voice chat issues

    hi folks .... i m posting here after a long long time .. hope all of u are fine ... well, i v been facing issues with voice chat over gtalk/yahoo for a long time now. here is how it goes. i have a realtek sound card in my system and i have a 128 kbps net connection (PC is Pentium D...
  6. arun77574

    Cant hear windows starting and logon/off sounds

    I have this strange problem for the past few months. i cant hear windows Start and exit sound, windows logon and logoff sound. All other system sounds are audible. However, when i tried to play the above mentioned sounds in the Sounds and Audio Device Properties they were audible. could there be...
  7. srikanthgss

    My 5.1 Speakers Half Dumb

    Recently I bought a 5.1 speaker system and hooked it onto my Onida DVD player.The problem is that when a DVD(original with Digital Dolby 5.1) is played the front two speakers sound good but the rear surround speakers and the center speaker are barely audible even when they are set to the highest...
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