1. thecoolguy02

    speaker in 7-8K

    i am looking for a speaker. currently using altec lansening ATP3 ym budget is 7-8K
  2. ashfame

    Need 2.1 set

    I am looking for good 2.1 set which are either equivalent or higher in performance than Creative SBS370. My budget is 1.5k but I can buy something like ATP3 in ~1.8k too. A friend told me about Altec Lansing BXR1121, Creative t3030 n t3100. Kindly suggest something.
  3. panacea_amc

    Suggest me a LAPTOP plz

    helo all, i intend to buy a new laptop. i wud like 2 ve d foll features- . hard disk 80 gb prefferably. if i opt 4 160 gb, how much xtra will it cost? . 17 inch screen size . no need for webcams. . no need 4 high end graphics card. . no need 4 gud speakrs. i WILL use ATP3 separately. ...
  4. gurujee

    Problem with my ATP3

    My ATP3 was running OK till yesterday. But today when I powered on the speakers, and played a movie, the woofer is full of distortion though the satellites sound perfect. Then I brought the bass level to zero, but still any sound from woofer is sounding like a wet tabla. I felt the bass is gone...
  5. panacea_amc

    << suggest me a good 2.1 speaker>>

    hello people, i have got 4000 bucks...and am desiring to buy a good 2.1 speaker within that price.... i zeroed into altec lansing ATP3 and creative Inspire 2600.... do u have any other personal choices???? thanks a lot for ur advice....
  6. S

    best speaker in its price range

    The best speaker in its price range is (means its worthy) 1 VS4121 2 VS4221 3 ATP3 4 NONE
  7. R

    which of the two 2.1????

    hi i have been planning to buy a 2.1 speaker system.i have the following two speakers in my mind-altec lansing ATP3 and Logitech X-230.which one is better????is there anything better in that range(around rs 2500) thanx
  8. S

    which speaker to buy

    i wanted to buy a 2.1 speaker. i am considering creative inspire, sbs 370 ans altec lansing atp3. i have read reviews where the atp3 has been rated the best. i just wanted to know whether it is wise to go for atp3 considering the price difference. is the performance as gud as the price diff with...
  9. R

    asking those who have altec lansing ATP3

    do any driver CD / software comes with altec lansing ATP3?
  10. 2kewl

    Altec ATP3 speakers

    Hello Guys, Am thinkin of gettin an Altec ATP3. I need some reviews/feedback on it. Pls help :razz:
  11. bad_till_bones

    Altec Lansing ATP3 vs Logitech X-230

    Guys, pretty much confused btw the two....Altec Lansing ATP3 vs Logitech X-230 Which one is better in all respects....bass, treble n over-all quality? A comparison(bass, treble n over-all quality wise) wud b helpful.... Budget is arnd Rs. 2500 /-
  12. comrade

    Altec Lansing ATP3

    Altec Lansing ATP3 2.1 Speakers Condition->Used(1-2 Yrs) Expected Price: Rs.1250/- Origin: Chennai
  13. supernova

    Suggest Best 2.1 speakers under 3k

    Hi, I want to buy a good 2.1 speakers for attaching em to my laptop. I want to use them more often for music, videos. My current consideration is Altec Lansing ATP3. Please suggest some good options from logitech, Creative in similar price range... Thanks
  14. I

    Altec Lansing ATP3 or Creative Inspire 4.1 ????

    Now my Frontech 2.1 speakers are dead suddenly.WTF.It was a very horrible experience with frontech. Now I am looking for decent 2.1 speakers or 4.1 below 3K I have listened to the sound quality of Creative Inspire 4.1 but dont know about ATP3.Creative 4.1 is good but not awesome. SO im...
  15. I

    Altec Lansing ATP3 vs Logitech X-230 vs Sony SRS-D2100

    which of these speakers are better? anyone listened to both ATP3 and X-230? which is recommended? any inputs welcome....
  16. P

    Which flat CRT??

    I'm working in computer graphics and looking for good 17" flat CRT monitor. Which one is better......Samsung 793MB or ViewSonic E72f+SB?? One of my friends has ViewSonic E71f+SB and Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers. But whenever he turn the volume of ATP3 higher, his E71f+SB gets distorted. But I...
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