1. vickybat

    GTX 580 gets substantial price cut

    Finally it has happened. Nvidia has done significant price revisions for its 580 to clear inventory before kepler arrives and put a bit pricing pressure on 79xx series. Source
  2. G

    Chrome arrives on Android

    Chrome But No flash :(
  3. mithun_mrg

    Play Anno 2070 demo

    Anno 2070 demo arrives, play the first two missions | PC Gamer
  4. K

    How to Make excel highlight a date as it arrives

    Hi, Im trying to get excel to highlight a date 1 day before it arrives, i have dates in a column ( Eg : Column I, from row 2 ), am preparing a follow up sheet in excel where i have to keep track of the customers to visit on coming days, thats the purpose of this formula, i will be greatful...
  5. S

    Will k750 price will come down

    iam about to buy a new phone this month. i feel k750 fits me , tell me the introduction of k790 will have effect on k750 price. please dont say simply yes. coz i know all products have a slight change in their price after its updates arrives. so tell me when and at what price i can get...
  6. tiblu

    Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT Arrives

    Check It Out.....
  7. R

    Windows® Defender (Beta 2) Arrives........

    Windows® Defender (Beta 2) Arrives........Look in
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