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  1. Zangetsu

    Avast is set to acquire AVG for $1.3 billion

    The deal has been approved by the management and supervisory boards of Avast and AVG and involves Avast buying out AVG’s outstanding ordinary shares at $25 each. The total value of the deal is around $1.3 billion. AVG is a publicly traded company so the deal will first have to be approved by...
  2. chandan3

    ELLIM university

    I ll do b.com in this university,is it recognised , ugc approved , or nt,should i admission in this university , and guys help me
  3. Sam22

    LG OLED Tv's to be launched soon?

    The FCC(Federal Communications commission) in US recently tested out the LG OLED TV's and this makes us to consider that LG is getting closed to launch it's OLED in US pretty soon. Since the TV contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so they have to be approved by FCC before it can be sold out. So Now...
  4. pauldmps

    India Becomes First Country to Ban .XXX Domains

    Source: Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide What are your thoughts on this, guys ?
  5. montsa007

    How much time for Bazaar thread to be approved!!?!?

    I started a thread in bazaar section on 16th September (Evening 7-7.30pm) Its yet to be approved!? I uploaded all the pics, thread was created with proper guidelines & template. Besides there is no clear guideline as to how many days does it take to get approved, doesnt make sense to get...
  6. rhitwick

    How to request for Unban someone?

    Well, as the title says, 1>How to request for it? 2>Is there a provision to unban a member? 3>Were in the history of TDF anyone unbanned ever? 4>What are the protocols one should follow to unban himself? And, how do his/their friends pray for it? A PM? To whom? Mods? (how many of them, or...
  7. latino_ansari

    Is there problem with the forum???

    I am trying to post a new thread in the bazar section to sell something... But after i click submit new thread... it says that it needs to be approved by a moderator... Where the hell do i check that if my thread is approved or not... I tried it two times and it never shows up in the bazar...
  8. anshul

    IE 7 blocks active X from fileplanet.

    Whenever I try to download from fileplanet.com my internet explorer blocks the download popup page from initiallizing the downloading the file by blocking its active X saying that IE has blocked the site from running an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner. Site not approved. I added the...
  9. A

    shipit query...

    I don't know whether i have started my thread in the right place or not..But i think opensource is appropriate place to share my experience with ship it.... I requested 4 ubuntu CD's and i recieved it....Then,i requested 2 edubuntu and 2 Kubuntu CD's from shipit.kubuntu.com and...
  10. A


    Hi I received 25 copies of Ubuntu and finished distributing it. I wanted to re-order it to distribute it. I ordered a few more pieces and it said "Waitng for approval". Earlier it used to say "Approved" as soon as you click on the Reset button. When you try to re-order you also need to...
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