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  1. adityak469

    Anandtech purchased by the firm which owns Tom's Hardware

  2. ZTR

    Choosing a Gaming CPU: Single + Multi-GPU at 1440p

    AnandTech | Choosing a Gaming CPU: Single + Multi-GPU at 1440p, April 2013 Great article by Anandtech that shows that as long as you are running a single GPU the choice of CPU doesnt matter much.
  3. quagmire

    Nexus 4 Benchmarks on AnandTech - Beats other Flagship android smartphones

    Although a marginal increment Nexus 4 appears to be the best (overall) android phone right now .. Read on more here .. AnandTech - Google Nexus 4 Review - Google's new Flagship
  4. mithun_mrg

    Laptop Graphics Guide 2011

    Source AnandTech - AnandTech Mobile Graphics Guide, Summer 2011 Request mods to change the title from Mobile to Laptop
  5. Jaskanwar Singh

    Discrete HTPC GPU Shootout

    here you go - AnandTech - Discrete HTPC GPU Shootout :-)
  6. Jaskanwar Singh

    Computex 2011: X79 motherboards

    GIGABYTE's socket 2011 motherboard at Computex Foxconn Quantum Force is back with X79 Intel X79 - ECS X79R-A sighted at Computex Intel X79 - ASUS C1X79 EVO Intel X79 - ASRock X79 Extreme4 Exposed ASUS Danshui Bay - Dual CPUs X79 Based Board Unveiled anandtech...
  7. Terabyte

    Corsair VX450W and GTX570

    My config- X4 955BE 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Corsair VX450W I was wondering can my PSU handle GTX 570? I checked its review on anandtech and guru3D and came to the conclusion that the system power consumption at full stress is maximum 370W. Also anandtech and guru3D have overclocked their...
  8. Jaskanwar Singh

    NVIDIA’s GeForce GTS 450: Pushing Fermi In To The Mainstream

    guys, the GTS450 is out. and the anandtech review is out - NVIDIA?s GeForce GTS 450: Pushing Fermi In To The Mainstream - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News sadly ZOTAC missing. the performance is between hd5750 and hd5770. sometimes matches the hd5770 also. the...
  9. comp@ddict

    HD 4350 and HD 4550 finally here

    Well, last time I saw AMD in its glory was the X1950XTX days, then a series of bad downfalls and blah blah...But look how desperation has pushed the company to produce "THE IT" The IT here is the 48xx series, a revolutionary introduction, changing many things and almost making it...
  10. sabret00the

    AnandTech puts Penryn to the test

    By the end of this year, AMD will introduce its long-awaited Phenom processors and Intel will introduce Penryn – its first 45nm desktop CPU. Apparently, there are already some Penryn samples floating around. AnandTech managed to sneak an early revision dual-core Wolfdale based Penryn processor...
  11. Deep

    Take a look INSIDE Xbox 360

    Guys over at Anandtech made it possible..yes..No kidding...they were managed to open the xbox 360 and managed to look inside the console. Great article..read it on AnandTech with pics: http://anandtech.com/systems/showdoc.aspx?i=2610 Deep
  12. D

    Intel Dual Core processors

    Here's the new Intel Dual Core processor. Read the whole review at Anandtech http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2388
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