1. sam9s

    sam9s Raspberry Pi Project! powered by Amazon Echo, A.K.A Alexa.

    Hi Friends, Sharing with you another Project that I did on Raspberry Pi this weekend, don't worry, this time, I am not going to write a long guide that most of you find intimidating. :D, but would just share what I did this time with Rpi. Ofcourse those who are interested can anytime ask post...
  2. ritesh.techie

    Top 10 Torrent Sites Of 2010

    Do you use Torrents? Most of us do, and some don’t, file sharing on internet is the biggest gray market which cannot be controlled or monitored every-time and its growing and growing. In past year we saw many big name like demonoid, thepiratebay etc have shut down their trackers because of they...
  3. tuxybuzz

    Page Rank always 0..

    i run a blog.. about two months ago i chose a free custom domain instead of a problem iam facing is that whenever i check my page rank its always 0..earlier when i had .blogspot i had pr1..after that i think i have had a lot more the pr...
  4. krates

    digit ALEXA ranking decreased

    Well digit is going unpopular these days later digit alexa used to be around 25,000 now it is 28,007 :(:(:(:( thanks krates
  5. Mr.Cool

    Alexa Traffic

    How many days does Alexa take to display the Rank of a site ?
  6. _______

    Megaupload without slots download for Firefox

    This emulate the alexa toolbar, and we can download without slots. U r not installing Alexa... which is a spyware... u r making megaupload believe that ur browser has Alexa toolbar installed... Get User Agent Switcher From the atttached file , rename the .zip extension to .xpi and...
  7. R

    need opera help

    hello friends i'm having problem with my opera 9. that i cant download files from megauploader or egoshare while i can download it from my internet explorer as in this alexa toolbar is installed.i have not choosen opera as my default browser pls tell me can i install alexa toolbar in opera...
  8. M

    trick for alexa toolbar

    this make ie beleive that alexa is installed run.....Regedit go to location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micr0$0ft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform Create a alphanumeric value and left click on the right panel and selecting NEW on a white space...
  9. Gaurav

    what is ALEXA

    Hi all, I want to know what is ALEXA. Is it a spyware or malware or adware or something else. I want to install megaupload toolbar(the toolbar facilitates you to download from megaupload with any hassles) which includes this alexa. Please help me on this whether I should install this...
  10. Satissh S

    alexa related

    Wht's this so cald alexa relatd? I usually get this thing when i run spybot S&D. It's coming again and again. Is it a spyware that comz with Mediaplayer?
  11. cooldip10

    Save me from a deadly VIRUS

    Anybody who knows very well about virus, please help me to get rid of the virus named "ALEXA" from adware. PLZ... PLZ....
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