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  1. D

    [ADVICE]Please check my components (PCpartpicker website)

    I intend to buy from Newegg India. Core i3-6100 3.7GHz Dual-Core, Radeon RX 460 2GB - System Build - PCPartPicke I am still undecided about RAM and monitor. I want cheap/budget items. im aiming for 8 GB ram and atleast 1600x900 monitor (HDMI preferred)
  2. V

    Laptop under 55K strictly.

    hey guys i am posting this on behalf of my friend,who happens to be a automation engineer. 1)Budget-55K strictly 2)size-14 to 15" 3)mostly gaming,for programming for Rockwell or Siemens software. 4)Configuration:he is aiming for i5 processor strictly because other processor cause problem...
  3. Ironman

    Suggest a UPS based on my Needs

    PSU ~~ 650W CPU [i7 3770k+Z77xup5th+7970] Monitor : ASUS 23" IPS LED 3D Speaker: Altec Lansing 2.1 1.Which Brand? 2.How Much Power ?............. 600mva / 800 mva / 1Kva?? 3. Is Service Center is available for your suggested Brand in Kolkata? I am aiming minimum Electricity Cost ...
  4. A

    [Question] FPS aiming on Gamepad for PC .. would it be same as console's?

    I am gonna buy a gamepad .. probably xbox gamepad for PC .. i want to know would it respond same as it did when i played on my xbox .. especially aiming for FPS game? .. would aiming be like same as console's or it wld be free-aim like mouse mapped on thumsticks .. i would play only the latest...
  5. Thom_Yorke

    Aiming for Cat '09...Best classroom in B'lore!!

    This is my first post in this forum, So I will make it short.(there's no reason why) I am aiming for CAT 09. Now I can either join T.I.M.E. or I M S Classroom program, as they are the two best ones. So can you guys help me out to decide which one will be better in terms of faculties??? Also I...
  6. dheeraj_kumar

    Can someone explain Scientology?

    The title, in layman's words, please. I couldnt really understand most of what wikipedia says on the topic. What exactly are they aiming at, and what are their beliefs? considering its yet another religion, like hinduism and christianity, I expect some answers...
  7. ashfame

    Dream Config. for your PC

    hi guys, i am starting this thread b'coz of the fact that when you buy a new PC, the very next day something new is introduced. i am not talking about upgrading here, i am aiming for a brand new PC. If i would have giving you infinite $$, what would be your config. for it. Pl post the best...
  8. T

    Counter Strike 1.6 maps

    Hello m8s, Can anybody suggest a map for max 4 per team, should be open enough to practise movement and aiming skills and yet have just enough cover for a sniper Cheers
  9. A

    I want to upgrade to Amd 64...

    Hi I want a new cpu + mb + ram combo I will not upgrade it for the next 2yrs,my budget is 25k+ I am aiming at : 512mb * 2 ddr 400 kingston Asus k8n or msi neo fsr k8n preferably 3400 clawhammer
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