1. .jRay.

    Positive Experience (delivered in one day flat)

    I placed an order for two t-shirts on 30th Nov morning and received them on 1st December afternoon. Fastest product delivery I've seen. Even flipkart takes 2 days minimum.
  2. W

    Fifa 13 installation

    Hi folks, i was very excited to play fifa 13 as i got it in the afternoon today. I tried to install it on pc, first origin was installed then origin was updated (file size 45 mb). Then i tried to install the fifa 13 at time of installing message flashed to activate the fifa 13, from afternoon i...
  3. narangz

    Forum trouble?

    Guys were you able to access the forum from last night? I was able to access only in the afternoon.
  4. the.kaushik

    Why my post was deleted! :(

    I posted a post related to Default search for firefox.. It got some 6 or 7 responses till afternoon and now i cant find it.. where is it??:(
  5. S

    Rediff Mail Not oPENING

    I am trying to sign in my rediff account but its not opening. It was working perfectly till yesterday afternoon. I tried using IE6, IE7, Opera and FF. Nothing worked.
  6. rakeshishere

    Wth...alll Google Services Stopped

    today i tried logging in gmail and orkut and both i got a msg that service is currently unavailable..See the scrnshots TIME: 2:24 PM in the afternoon
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