1. ILoveTech

    Google’s advertising revenue up 18% to $23 billion

    EPS dropped to $5.01 from $7 last year, despite a 21% rise in revenues. There was a 52% annual growth in aggregate paid clicks, while aggregate cost-per-click dropped 23%. Alphabet’s Other Bets division remained in a loss.
  2. shaunak

    [Query] False advertising by flipkart?

    On flipkart's listing of the Karbonn A9+ the sensors are mentioned as: "Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Compass, 3D G-Sensor" Where as the phone only comes equipped with a Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor and a Light Sensor. The compass is missing, which can affect...
  3. N

    LG Optimus 2x @15k

    Optimus 2x at some 15k. Check it out LG Mobile Phones Optimus 2X P990 Dark Brown | I'm not advertising or anything, just thought this could be useful to many out here.
  4. N

    Micromax does it again - Brilliant Advertising

    Micromax does it again - Brilliant Advertising
  5. Prime_Coder

    Happy Birthday to You ... Google...(1st teen birthday!)

    Google, undoubtedly the topmost search engine in the world is now 13 years old!:)) So lets celebrate its birthday! :D: Google Celebrates Its First Teen Birthday – Happy 13th Birthday!
  6. naveen_reloaded

    WTF : Airtel adds its advertising before the hello tune !!

    I don't know whether its because of some idiot in the company taking bad decision or Airtel been pushed to do things like this. But surely , the company has taken a path which is sure to raise question and annoy people in new , improved , different manner. Airtel today has added its hello tune...
  7. M

    Which is the Best CPM Advertising Netwok?

    Which is the Best CPM Advertising Netwok? Which Yields lot of Money as compared to other AD's CPM :D
  8. naveen_reloaded

    50$ coupon Free from Facebook`s Advertising segment.. Hurry!!

    This may or may not be appropriate for indian users.. as they prefer orkut.. but anyone having facebook.. can try this... Click advertising is already a huge market and PPC on social networks is also gaining momentum, while traditional PPC advertisement's like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search...
  9. gxsaurav

    Apple busted for false advertising

    Be careful your product lives up to what you advertise it to be and be careful it does what you say it will do; that's the lesson that many tech companies are learning the hard way. Microsoft recently found that out as its facing an uphill battle to fight against a class lawsuit alleging it...
  10. S

    :: In-Game Advertising :: Your Opinion Counts ::

    Hi there, How is everyone today? My name is Sumit Jaswal, I am a MBA student, specializing in Marketing Management and currently I am working on the project “In-Game Advertising: A Study” as my thesis for the graduation. We all are aware that there are many games today that are already...
  11. anandk

    Google exits Digg, enter Microsoft!

    Software giant, Microsoft, is hitting on the online advertising space...big time ! According to reports, the company has tied-up both- with popular news site,, and with game developer, Electronic arts (EA); for selling adverts online. However what is interesting is in case of the...
  12. anandk

    Gates to focus on online and advertising at Microsoft

    Gates to focus on online and advertising at Microsoft May 12, 2007 on 9:23 am "Bill Gates is to spend the rest of his full-time employment at Microsoft working on online and advertising services. Speaking at the company’s annual Strategic Account Summit, an event held to demonstrate...
  13. V

    Microsoft Releases First Windows Vista Commercial

    Check it out here The original source is: * no advertising. Once more and you will be banned
  14. S

    register now itself to the newly started forum

    [Edit GNUrag : No advertising allowed. Please read forum posting rules again.]
  15. K

    [Edited] Deep

    Edit by Deep: Rules, Rules, Rules... * I totally agree thay you do not generate revenue from it but still it is counted in advertising
  16. H

    Ways of making money off net

    Can u ppl suggest some ways through which anyone can make money off net (like advertising or any other) ?
  17. H

    Flash Advertising...editted..

    hey .. i know flash advertising is on itz peek.... i have seen many flash driven ads on net... but wht i am dieing to know is tht .. can flash ads be used in TV advertising ,... and if yes wht format... i very much like the apple ipod ad.. i think ads like tht one can be made in flash.. so plz...
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