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Hi there,

How is everyone today?
My name is Sumit Jaswal, I am a MBA student, specializing in Marketing Management and currently I am working on the project “In-Game Advertising: A Study” as my thesis for the graduation. We all are aware that there are many games today that are already embedded with static ads or when we play games online these ads are downloaded into the games, these are known as the dynamic ads.

My study is looking at the both sides of the coin i.e. from the point of view of advertisers/company/brands and also the end consumers. In my opinion In-Game Advertising (IGA) is a new and powerful a mode of communication for advertising. I have understood the point of view of what IGA can do for the advertising industry but the last leg of this study is what really consumers/gamers think of IGA

I must add here that I was a core gamer until I started MBA but never lost interest in gaming.

My questions to everyone here are:

1.Would you buy a video game if the advertising increased greatly, but the price dropped?

2.Under what circumstances would you not buy a game with injected advertisements?

3.Do you think that in-game advertising will have an effect on your buying habits?

4.If you have been exposed to In-Game Advertising, Have you made any buying decision under influence of it?

5.Do you think today’s IGA will bring a positive or negative effect to consumers?

Please feel free to add your comments and view relating to In-Game Advertising along with answers to these questions.

Your help will give me more insights on this subject from the point of view of consumers.

Thank you Guys
Happy Gaming


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Ok, first thing first "I don't buy games." Sorry to say, but yes thats true (partially, I have 2 original PSP games :) ). But I will as soon as I start earning some $$$.. Now going back to the survey..

1. If IGA decreases a games' price from $50 to say $10 then hell yeah I will buy couple of them.

2. As long as those IGA do not interfere with my gaming experience, I don't care about IGA. I don't mind with billboards etc within the game environment. But if a commercial pops up while I'm aiming with my score.. you know whats going to happen!

3. may be...

4. No.

5. Again depends on type of advertisements...

Now regarding your survey. All questions are open ended. Not very well structured according to my knowledge. But again may be I'm MBA but not into marketing.. But if you really want to collect some good data n do analysis (with SPSS) then my suggestion would be: structure a well designed survey then make a web form and host on some free hosting site. Then post the link here. This way you will get more responses. Also the SQL data you get can be exported to excel which you can import in SPSS for analysis.. There goes my 2 cents advice.. :)
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