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  1. Desmond

    Best mods/addons.

    Hi, Tell us what is your favourite game mods or addons or DLCs. Posted via Mobile Device
  2. socrates

    Firefox 8 is here

    Latest ver of Firefox is available now Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download & Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird http://www.thinkdigit.com/Internet/Firefox-8-released_7897.html
  3. Worried From Bugs

    12 best addons for Opera

    Well, there are plenty of extensions available for opera browser, here I have collected a list of 12 best addons for opera browser. Youtube Downloader for Opera Google trasnalte for opera Gmail for opera orkut for opera image preview popup extension and lots more If you are opera user then...
  4. Krow

    How to create a custom Firefox build?

    I want to create a custom build of firefox 4. I have certain addons like adblock plus, chatzilla, febe, etc, which I want to include in the setup file. Also I found a rebrand addon which allows users to rename the Fox and change icons I think. How do I create a setup.exe for firefox so that...
  5. S

    Firefox Addons

    Friends I have a lot of firefox extentions as files but I don't know how to install them in firefox as there is no option to browse from harddrive in there. So please help me in this
  6. S

    Free Online Radio services

    i would like to know about online radio services,the bandwidth they consume and if there are any widgets addons in opera/firefox that support them.
  7. Y

    Help saving web page

    please help me in saving this page in internet explorer.i think i need some addons. http://asianpaints.com/world_of_colours/colour_spectra.aspx thanks
  8. paroh

    Firefox addons or Extensions

    I uploaded the most recent and updated version of Firefox addons or Extensions. Just extract these files new firefox addons or extensions.part1.rar and new firefox addons or extensions.part2.rar and drag the extracted files in the mozilla firefox to install the extension...
  9. max_demon

    Relate a Browser with game Console

    Firefox 3 (with addons ) = Playstation 3 (with Extra controller ) Opera 9.27 = Xbox Opera 9.50 = Xbox 360 (without controllers ) Firefox 1 = Playstation 1 Firefox 2 = Playstation 2 Internet Explorer = Wii ( Anyone can use it ( Grandpa , 8 yr old , Girls )) Opera Mini = PSP Opera mobile = Dell...
  10. coolpcguy

    Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 3 Impressions

    From my blog, Sathya Says Yesterday, Mozilla announced that the 3rd beta of the next version of their immensely popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox would be available for download. I’d posted earlier on the impressive changes between Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Beta 2. So what does the third Beta...
  11. Ankush_is_here

    How To Add Downloaded Addons From Saved Addons

  12. krates

    Need Help For To Stop Downloading

    Hey Friends I Am Having A Reliance Broadband Connection With A Speed Of 2000 kbps And Got 1gb Download.This Month I Have Exceeded. Everytime I Open My Internet Connection it Keeps On Downloading Something Or The Else I Have Stopped The Automatic Update option But Still There Is no Change I Have...
  13. digiFriend

    firefox addons that open search result in new tab

    what is the name of firefox addons that open search result of google in new tab instead of same tab.
  14. S

    web hosting

    hi im a freelance web-multimedia designer. pl guide me a indian webhosting provider with low/moderate prices and offering addons like url forwarding, subdomain etc at a low price and good service.
  15. K

    Eye Opener: FS2004

    Hye! The flight simulator series mostly dominated by Europeans and Americans, is slowly gaining popularity in India and many Indians have contributed to its development and design creating some truly world-class add-ons. Take for example "MyTraffic", conceived by an Indian named Husain...
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