1. $hadow

    Razer or logitech which mouse to buy.

    Hi guys I need a mouse for gaming since my old mouse breakdown last night. Now I am not sure what to buy since I have short listed two mouse help is certainly appreciated First one is razer abyssus and logitech g400. Any other mouse suggestions is also welcomed. Budget is 2 to 2.5k
  2. Shibaprasad

    Razer Abyssus Mouse Problem

    I recently purchased Razer Abyssus Mouse and installed it in my desktop, also installed special software from razer website. I noticed that this special soft is nothing but a graphical version of windows mouse setting. Now whenever I boot into my computer my scrolling speed is getting high and...
  3. RON28

    can anyone help me?

    hello guys, i know soon admin is going to delete this thread but still writing here :cry: till now im have collected 283 rupees. but still have to go long to get a RAZER ABYSSUS gaming mouse. Parents strictly said NO to me. :cry: Iam a student and i don't do job, i just want to ask can...
  4. A

    Gaming Mouse under Rs1500

    I need suggestions for a gaming mouse for around Rs.1500. I need it for FPS. I use Palm-grip and need both agility and accuracy. My first choice was Logitech G300 till someone suggested Razer Abyssus. I use advised by another that Abyssus is for finger/claw grip and definitely not suitable...
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