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  1. Desmond

    Lap shuts down abruptly when Gaming..

    My Friend has a Dell Studio 15 lap with onboard graphics. When I try to play GTA:SA on it, it loads but then turns off abruptly, i.e. just powers off. The same happens with Dawn of war: Dark Crusade... Help plz...
  2. H

    Couldn't install xp pro... help needed

    Hi.. I cant install windowsXP in my recently bought laptop Acer Extensa4630. But I can install vista or windows7beta without any problem On installing xp, while copying files, it stops abruptly saying that check harddisk configuration. But I need xp .Pls advise...thnx in advance...
  3. S

    Urgent Help needed!! PC restarting abruptly

    Hi All, My PC config is P4 3.0GHz HT, 2GB DDR 400MHz RAM, Nvidia GeForce 8400GS PCI Exp Graphics card, 2 x 80GB Samsung and 1 x 360GB Sata HDD.My power supply is Intex 400W. From yesterday,the PC boots fine but after say 3-4 mins after booting, it restarts abruptly.I tried this many times and...
  4. abhi_10_20

    Change from 250 plan to 500 giving problem

    I got my BSNL plan changed from 250 to 500 monthly. Now, whenever i download any stuff with good speeds(when there's a fast influx of a packet stream), the download abruptly stops. But, in case of just browsing, everything works fine. What might be the problem?
  5. raksrules

    Firefox Hangs abruptly

    I have the firefox version installed on my PC. While browsing it hangs up abruptly and then i have to force it to terminate using task manager. This happens without any reason. Can any one explain me what is the issue and what is the workaround ?
  6. H

    cd writer

    writing cds my writer reports a power calibration error , i tried changing the writig speeds too what exactly is the problem. While reporting the error the writer abruptly stops spinning and some funny sounds too !!
  7. F

    Messenger Not Working.

    Hi, I use net on Airtel Gprs but the problem is that I can't download anything or nor could I chat on messenger, They sinply do not connect to the server. Also while downloading mp3 files a strange thing happens. While in middle of downloading it stops abruptly and says whole file...
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