1. S

    Need A2DP bluetooth dongle for my Jabra ROX

    Recently I had purchased a wireless Bluetooth headphone from Jabra called as ROX. Now I wish to purchase a Bluetooth dongle to connect it to my PC. I am not sure of any Bluetooth dongles that support A2DP for music streaming through it. Suggestions?
  2. raksrules

    Cannot Pair Bluetooth Headset with Nokia 5230

    I am not able to pair my A2DP bluetooth headset with my nokia 5230 mobile phone. I also tried my roomie's BT headset (non A2DP) and that too does not get detected by the phone. What seems to be the problem ?? Any solution ???
  3. pr.itdude


    Hi guyz.... i need drivers for bluetooth dongle that supports a2dp, so as to connect my stereo bluetooth headset. There is no drivers for a2dp in xp, nor any update available.......:neutral: so if anyone have it......plz provide it here...or mail me. Thnx...:-)
  4. sujoyp

    Need Bluetooth handsfree

    friends I need a blutooth handsfree for my SE T700....I donno what to look in it.. Also can we hear songs on it from mobile....does A2DP is exclusive on stereo blutooth handsfree.. Budget : less then 2k
  5. Dr.tweaker

    does the nokia n72 have a2dp support????

    hi,does the nokia n72 have a2dp bluetooth support for listening songs,also what is the upper limit of its memory card??if it does not support a2dp,then is there any hack or firmware update to enable this?
  6. desiibond

    Motorokr E8 officially available for 12.5k

    Morphing touch sensitive keypad 2" display 2Gb internal memory 2mp cam A2DP 5hr talktime MicroSD slot 10.6mm Full HTML browser
  7. alok4best

    Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Query

    Hi friends... Hope it wont take much of ur precious time. Actually I am planning to go wireless.:D:D But I am a bit confused which headphone or earphone to go for. I have zeroed in on Motorola S9 Snook which comes with MotoRokr E6 and Motorola HT820 Headphone. Can you guys please enlighten me...
  8. S

    Mobile for 15~20k

    Can someone suggest a mobile for 15 to 20 k.... It should be light weight, with music, decent camera, wireless music (A2DP), good memory and should not be slow....most of all....its for a girl.....:D
  9. T

    n73 queries..

    i have n73 ME with latest firmware. 1. does it support push mail? 2. what is maximum mem. card that can be used? read somewhere it has 4 gb capability also. 3. does it have a2dp support?
  10. M

    some ques. abt w810 n 610!

    hey frenz!! i m planning 2 buy a phone!! i hv a few ques.. 1)does w610i play eaac nd eaac+ ?? 2)does w810i hv a2dp ?? 3)do u think w610 is worth the Rs. 2k more than w810i ??
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