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  1. riders4siam

    HP ProBook 4520a shows not charging

    New to this forum and first post here. O.K. Got this notebook few days back (not even a week) and it turns out weird. Well, the problem is that when plugging the AC adapter, it shows on the battery status "96% available (plugged in, not charging) and the battery level never go beyond 96%. need...
  2. Faun

    Persistence or Cognizant ?

    My bro is currently in Cognizant and he is thinking abt switching to another company(its been over a year working in Cognizant), he has been selected for Persistence and Amdocs. While Persistence is providing assurance for his interests in his field of expertise. Even the emoluments are more...
  3. adit_sen

    Serious Ubuntu Battery Problem

    Hi all.. Ubuntu Edgy run's great when i'm plugged in, but the moment I switch to my battery on my laptop, I get a funny problem. I get a message '99% battery remaining, 6minutes remaining'. Then it goes to '97% battery remaining. Critical power. 2minutes remaining'. And finally it goes to 96%...
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