1. 100.dx

    help help plsss help help

    in my bsnl order's section it shows Order Status - Future Dated wht is thi means? an wen i check my usage for apr2008 it shows no usage found for this month wht is all story is? i giv app to bsnl last month for plan change 900UL and yet i cant get tht my plan is change orr not? wen i ask to...
  2. Faun

    Urgent help needed for BSNL 900UL broadband connection !!!

    I hav got the account and password for 900UL HOME plan from BSNL office but i dont know how to connect to internet. I am from pune. Here are some queries: 1) what should be the default gateway or should i set it blank. 2) what should be the DNS server address or should i set it to automatic...
  3. ajayashish

    2mbps is in the wire or username

    well i have a home 500 plan and i use my office internet username for 900UL. I am sudden;y getting download speed of 200kbps in torrents... so does that mean that the speed is in the WIRE that is connected... i think MERE MATHE ME AB KHICHDI PAK RAHAI HAI... what do u says guys if this...
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