1. S

    XFX 8600GTS 256MB DDR3 for sale

    I am selling this card 25 days old its almost New Card is in warranty...:razz: XFX Geforce 8600GTS 256MB DDR3 == 4000/- (Mumbai buyers preferred) Mumbai buyers -- Can directly take card by meeting me for outsiders 75/- extra for shipping charges.. This card is currently unavailable...
  2. H

    Sellling 2 XFX 8600GT(s) for Rs 3000 each

    I am sellling my two 8600GT(s) for Rs 3000 each. Pm me if ur interested. Reason for sale is buying another 8800GT. Bump we go.
  3. yash2006

    for sale :xfx 8600gts 256ddr3

    my 9 month old xfx 8600gts is out for sale.used only for 3months.works like charm.can ship it for 4k anywhere in india. i bought it for 12k so im only askin for 1/3 .also have big 7600gs overclocked version for sale.can ship both for 6k.i can also trade them with other better card. reason for...
  4. N

    New PSU

    i need a new PSU for the followinng config 1.Q6600 + P5N 32-E Sli 2.Gskill DDR 2 800 ram--have 4 but 2gb atm 3.3/4 sata hdds 4.XFX 8600GTS 5.Motu 1010lt everything Air cooled i was thinking of getting either zebronics pure plt 500W or cooler master 460W.budget around 2800-2900.cant extend.
  5. H

    For Sale two XFX 8600GT(s) 256MB GDDR3

    For Sale two XFX 8600GT(s) 256MB GDDR3 with copy of Bill For sale are my three months old XFX 8600GT(s) bought from rashi. Specs of each - Geforce 8 series G84 core,DirectX 10,256MB GDDR3,32 shader processors,8 ROPs,80nm fabrication,540Mhz core/1188Mhz shader/700Mhz Memory,PCI-Express...
  6. N

    Which is the best card for DX9 Titles?

    Which is the best cards for playing DX9 Titles -- X1950 XTX or 8600gts?
  7. bajaj151

    DX 10 G-Card

    How much difference in performance is there in betwwen 8600GT & 8600GTS ?
  8. Ray

    Which is a better choice:8600GT or 8600GTS?

    In this month's digit it is written that 8600GT has solid state capacitors so it can be overclocked.can it match the performance o 8600GTS when overclocked. my config is E6300 proccy,Asus P5B mobo nad 1GB ddr2 ram.Can I overclock it? the price difference between 8600GTS and GT is 6k.is the...
  9. Ray

    Cheapest hardware in Kolkata.

    Where can I find the cheapest hardwares in kolkata?Where can I find the 8600GTS graphix card?
  10. Pravas

    8600GTS Overclocking????

    Hi guys, i am not posting this thread cuz i found a website *vr-zone.com/?i=4875 for Overclocking 8600GTS but i want to know if there's any other simple procedure for overclocking this Grafix card with ease for a newbie like me:) THank You all:D
  11. Ray

    What is the cost of 8600GTS?

    Is 8600GTS available in India?What is the cost in India? If u don't know about it visit *xtreview.com/addcomment-id-1885-view-8600-gts-preview.html
  12. iMav

    NVIDIA GeForce 8600-Series Details Unveiled

    NVIDIA prepares its next-generation mid-range and mainstream DirectX 10 GPUs 8600GT and 8500GT graphics processors. NVIDIA’s GeForce 8600GTS and 8600GT are G84-based GPUs and target the mid-range markets. The lower-positioned G86-based GeForce 8500GT serves as the flagship low to mid-range...
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